Make Your Own Upcycled Sweater Hat:
Easy To Make DIY Baby Stocking Hat

diy upcycled baby hatWinter is on the way and you need to keep your little one's noggin comfy, toasty, and warm! Why not fashion your own upcycled sweater hats out of last years old sweaters or some nifty thrift store finds?

I want to show you how I created this adorable and simple baby stocking hat from an old sweater I had outgrown. Seriously, these hats take all of 20 minutes to whip up!

And the great thing is, you can customize and embellish these hats all you want. Add a groovy vintage button as a focal piece! Add some ribbon, or lace for a posh and pretty baby girl hat! The end result will be nothing short of fabulous.

Upcycled Sweater Hat: Where To Start

Creating an upcycled sweater hat is super duper easy.

make upcycled baby hat

First just choose a sweater! I like to use a knit sweater for a more rustic look. But you could just as easily use fleece, or a french terry sweatshirt. Whatever you have on hand that is thick and comfy. Think winter!

diy baby stocking hatYou will want to create the brim of the hat out of a finished part of the sweater - the waistline or one of the sleeves.

For an infant cutting the hat from a sleeve is absolutely perfect! All you will need to do is cut off the sleeve and then cut the end part (the wrist would make the hat's brim) into the shape of a stocking hat - would be triangular shaped.

For this particular hat, since it was for a 6 month old little munchkin, I created the hat from the waistband of the sweater.

I laid the sweater down flat (inside out) and measured several inches from the fold. I then cut a triangle shape from the finished part of the waistband up to a point in the sweater's fabric.

A note about sizing: If you can, get actual measurements of the infant's head. Cut the hat half of the width of the circumference of the head. So if the baby's head is 18 inches around, cut the hat to 9 inches. Remember, sweaters generally are stretchy! So it's ok if it's a little smaller than the actual circumference size. It's probably even preferable.

Make an Upcycled Baby Sweater Hat!

diy baby stocking hatTime to sew! Yep, this is a seriously easy project. Just sew the edges that you cut! I sewed using about a 5/8" seam allowance. Sew straight down on either side. A simple straight stitch will work just fine!

After sewing flip the hat outside in and you're done! Viola!

That was easy, wasn't it? Now go make three more.

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