Teddy Bear Pattern

Sewing Pattern For A Vintage Style Bear

OK so I have to admit that this teddy bear pattern is just as much for the moms as for the Littles. It's just adorable! You can sew this little cutie up using inexpensive materials (I used felt) with some safety eyes and extra thick stitching at the arms and legs. Or you can make a really, really nice teddy bear with some some super soft fleece or mohair like fiber.

The pattern is sized to create a very small teddy, about 7 inches tall. But you can enlarge this pattern to make the teddy as big as you'd like.

Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern

Let's get started!

teddy bear pattern print the teddy bear pattern on stiff paper and cut out the pieces.

The pattern is printed with no sewing allowance. I find it easiest to simply trace the pattern onto your fabric with an invisible ink pen or sewing chalk. Cut out the fabric by just roughly cutting around the traced pattern shape. Make sure you cut the pattern pieces from two layers of fabric at a time keeping the layers together for sewing.

Begin sewing the pieces together by sewing directly on the lines you traced from the pattern, always leaving a space open for turning the fabric right side out.

Begin with the body pieces by sewing the two front body pieces together and the two back of body pieces.

teddy bear sewing pattern

sew the front to back leaving a space at the top for turning. Turn the fabric right side out and fill. Stitch the opening shut.

Next match up the seams for the top of the head and the side of the head. Stitch your seam starting where the nose would be located and working towards the back of the head. Repeat for the second side and then finish by stitching the underside of the nose/face area.

Now would be the time to attach some safety eyes so you can secure them in place from the inside. Sew both ears, flip right side out and stuff. Sew them to the top of the head positioned evenly apart. I have not made any marking of where to place the ears and eyes. Where you place these pieces will create a different look to your teddy. I would experiment with different placement before sewing in place to see what you think looks best!

Sewing The Teddy Bear Pattern Arms And Legs

Start by matching the paw pads onto one side of the arm pieces for each arm. Stitch the paw pad n place. Sew the arm pieces together with the sewn arm pad facing inward. Leave a small space open in the seam to turn the fabric right side out. After turning the fabric right side out stuff the arms and stitch the opening shut.

Stitch the leg pieces together leaving the bottom open and a small spot at the top for turning the fabric. Sew the bottom foot pad in place. Turn the leg right side out and stuff. Stitch the opening shut.

I chose to give my bear poseable arms and legs. If you'd like a more durable teddy bear then you could choose to sew the arms and legs firmly in place with a good durable thread.

teddy bear sewing pattern

I used threaded joints to keep the arms and legs poseable. To do this start by sewing and knotting off your threaded in the spot where the arm or leg will sit, so the thread/string is hidden. You can use thread or even embroidery floss or something similar. Use a doll makers needle to thread the string through one side of the teddy bear appendage (arm or leg) and insert the needle so it goes straight through the bear to the opposite side.

Insert the thread through one side of the opposite arm or leg (the side that would face the body) and back through the body to the other side exiting from a spot that would be hidden behind the arm. Continue to sew back and forth a few times to reinforce the strength of the thread and then out through the top where the head will be sewn on. Sew and knot the thread in place where the head will cover the thread.

Repeat this for the opposite set of arms or legs.

Sew the head closed at the top and then into place on the top of the body.

To finish the bear you will need to create a nose. I cut a tiny piece of felt into the shape of a heart and stitched it in place with pink thread. You could also choose to simply sew the entire nose in place using only embroidery floss. I also added a cute red felt heart over the teddy bears chest. I just thought it would be cute!

I do hope you enjoy this teddy bear pattern! If you use this sewing pattern and love it I would love to see the projects you've made for your little one!

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