Cloth Soft Sole Baby Shoes Pattern

This soft sole baby shoe pattern is by far one of my favorite and most used patterns. I absolutely love sewing my own cute little cloth baby shoes!

Baby shoes are one of the easiest pieces to make and they are soooo fun to get creative with! You can mix and match fabrics and textures. You can add buttons or lace, ribbons, or even some cute beading or applique! I've made them with old jeans and sweaters or bought fab designer quilting fabric for a pair of baby shoes that really stand out.

There are a ton of baby shoes patterns available on the net. And over the years I've made heaps of baby shoes with many different patterns. Over time I evolved to creating my own pattern that worked the best for me. Now I'm sharing that pattern with you!

Make Your Own Soft Soled Baby Shoes

make soft sole baby shoesOK let me start by saying that these baby shoes are really easy to make. Get one pair under your belt and you'll want to make a ton more. They are just so cute and make such a fantastic gift.

Let's talk about fabric selection. Like I said above, you really can make these out of most any fabric. You'll be layering fabrics, so even lighter weight fabrics are OK as they will be doubled up. I like to choose something nice to look at for the outer parts of the shoe, something cozy for the inner part of the shoe, and something sturdy for the sole. I've used felt for the soles, as well as canvas or duck cloth. You can even use leather or rubber coated fabric made especially for slipper making.

baby shoe patternSo ideally you should choose three fabric. You will use very little fabric for this project so it's just perfect for using up some of those scraps you've saved up. Or follow my lead and re-purpose old ill fitting clothes and thrift store finds to make cute baby booties!

So, without much more ado... here is the baby shoe pattern.

This baby shoe pattern will come to you as a downloadable, printable PDF file. The pattern includes sizes 0-3 months all the way up to 12 months. If you enlarge the 12 months size you can even make slippers for your toddlers and littles. I've printed this pattern enlarged and made slippers for a 5 year old before!

I do ask for a mere donation of a $1.50 in return for the pattern to help keep the site up on the web. I do ask that if you would like to make and sew these slippers for profit to please contact me.

Let's get started!

Sewing Cloth Baby Shoes

What You'll Need:

  • 2 coordinating fabrics (outer shoe and inner shoe)
  • material/fabric for sole
  • 1/4" baby elastic
  • coordinating thread

Begin by downloading the printable baby show pattern. Print the appropriate size and trim it from the paper.

Lay your desired fabric on your work surface, folded in half. Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut the pieces to their matching fabrics. Cut two pieces from the outer sole fabric, two for the inner shoe/sole, and two each for the inner and outer parts of the top and back of the shoes.

Sew the inner and outer sole pieces together with right sides facing outward.

printable baby shoe pattern

Sew the two top of shoe pieces (inner and outer) together with their right sides facing and a 1/4" seam allowance.

sew baby shoe pattern

Turn the fabric right sides outward and press the sewed seams flat with a hot iron. Repeat for the second shoe and set aside.

sew baby shoe pattern

Sew the two back of shoe pieces together across the top with a 1/4" seam allowance, right sides facing inwards. Repeat to make the second shoe.

sew baby shoe pattern

Open the fabric and lay it flat. Use a hot clothes iron to press it flat.

With the right side facing down fold in the sides by about a 1/4" and press in place.

sew baby shoe pattern

Sew the side folds in place by sewing very close to the edge.

sew baby shoe pattern

Fold this piece in half with right sides facing out and press the seam flat. Insert a longish piece of elastic by laying it flat across the inside of the back of shoe piece, being careful to lay it as close to the sewed seam as possible. Sew a seam just below the elastic creating a casing, about a 1/2" from the top.

sewing cloth baby shoe

Now to begin sewing the top of the shoe to the sole. Begin by lining up the middle of the top of shoe piece to the middle of the sole. The inside of shoe fabric should be facing out while sewing. Pin in place. Start sewing the pieces together starting from the middle and working out to the side. Once you have sewed one side go back and finish the other, again starting from that middle point.

sewing cloth baby shoe

Sew the back of the shoe on in the same manner beginning in the middle and working outward.

Turn the shoe right side out and slightly tighten the elastic. You can tie it in a knot and leave as is, or hand stitch them to the inside of the shoe to keep in place.

make cloth baby shoes

More Cute Baby Shoe Patterns

There really are so many great baby shoe patterns already circulating out there on the web. I've come across many patterns in my search for soft sole baby shoes so I wanted to share some here. Here's a list of what I thought were some of the best:

I'm sure once you get started you'll be hooked just like me! I only wish I had more friends with babies on the way so I had more people to give them away to! My babies can only wear so many. ;-)

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