DIY Baby Nursery Curtains

Sewing your own baby nursery curtains is such an easy DIY nursery fix! It's an easy and inexpensive way to create a one-of-a-kind and custom decor for your baby room. Heck, I could even show you how to pull it off with <i>no sewing skills</i> at all! Not a stitch required.

Why make your own curtains?

  • It's easy!
  • Save money
  • Create completely custom decor.

Sewing baby nursery curtains really is easy to do! It's the ultimate beginner sewer's project! You can make the most simple and basic curtain panel and transform a room.

But how to do it on the cheap? Many of the major fabric stores (think Joann, Walmart, etc.) have a clearance section with fantastic deals and discounts. Not to mention that many of these stores also have coupons you can print off before you shop. Be smart and snag the deals! Shopping online? You can often get discounts and free shipping as well. Do your homework!

But my favorite thing about sewing custom curtains is that you get a final product that noone else you know will have for their nurseries. It will be one of a kind. And you can match your entire nursery to your handy-work. Sew blankets and bedding, toys and wall decorations all in the very same fabric!

Let's get started, shall we?

Sewing Your Own Nursery Curtains

There is no pattern needed for this super simple DIY curtains project. And like I said, "Nope, you don't even have to sew em'."

If you are new to sewing or maybe even never tried it before, this is a perfect beginner's project. In fact most all of the projects on this website are great for beginners. And if you've never touched a sewing machine before, do not be afraid. It's easy! Borrow one from a friend just for your DIY baby nursery decor projects, or check out my ideas on how to get a sewing machine cheap or even free.

What you will need:

  • measuring tape
  • fabric
  • clothes iron
  • scissors
  • pins

Start by measuring the windows in your baby nursery. This is how you will come up with the amount of fabric that you must purchase for sewing curtains.

Measure the window from top to bottom. How long do you want the curtain to flow from the window? If there is a piece of furniture directly below the window then you will measure to just above the furniture. Otherwise I think it looks nice for the curtain to fall about a foot from the window sill or even to the floor. It is all up to your personal preference.

Calculate your vertical measurement depending on your style and the length of your window. Now add about 5-6" to allow for seam allowance and space for the curtain rod to sit.

Now for measuring the width of the window. Take the width measurement and multiply that by two for a single full curtain. For two curtains measure the window width across and use the full width for each curtain.

Use these measurements to calculate how much fabric you will need to purchase for your curtains. A yard of fabric is 36" by generally 42 or 56". For really big windows (think bay windows and such) you would need to sew together panels to get really big and extra long curtains. But I will bas this tutorial on a smaller, regular sized window.

make baby curtains nursery decor To begin sewing pick a space such as your kitchen table or even a section of floor will work just fine. Get out a clothes iron and ironing board. You will also need a pair of good sharp scissors, a needle and some thread (and sewing machine) unless you are going the easy way out and using my non-sewing suggestions below! You may also need some sewing chalk or erasable ink and some pins.

Lay your fabric out and iron it. Lay it out flat across your work surface face side down. Get out a measuring tape and measure out the amount of fabric you need for the baby curtains. Use a ruler and sewing chalk to mark lines where you need to cut off any excess fabric. Trim the fabric down so that you have a piece of fabric that match the measurements you took earlier based on the nursery window.

We will start with the sides of the baby curtains. Start at one side corner. Fold the edge of the fabric over about 1/4 - 1/2" an inch and iron it in place. Do this all the way up the side of the fabric til you reach the top. Now very carefully fold the edge over itself again and iron the edge down flat. Pin it in place. Repeat this for the opposite side.

Now simply sew the edges in place by sewing a seam along the edge where you folded and pinned the fabric in place. Easy peasy. Sew both sides in place.

Now that the edges are sewn, time to sew up the top and bottom too. Let's start with the bottom. All you need to do really is repeat the same steps you did for both sides. Fold the bottom edge over toward the inside back of the curtain, and pin the edge down. Use your iron to carefully create a clean crease. Double the edge over again and sew the hem in place with your sewing machine.

You will create a `space at the top for the curtain rod to slide into to hold the curtains in place. Easy peasy! Start off by doing the same exact as you did for all the other edges of the curtain. Fold the edge over and iron in place. Fold it in again and sew the edge in place. Now fold the fabric over once more, facing towards the back, but this time folding it over by a few inches (depending o the size of your curtain rod) The rod should fit into the curtain with plenty of room.

Once again iron the fabric and pin it into place. Sew a seam across at a few inches down matching the seam you already sewed at the edge of the top of the fabric, creating a sleeve to slide the curtain rod.

That's it! You can choose to give them one more iron over to make them nice and neat, or just get on with it and hang those babies up!

DIY Nursery Curtains - No Sew Method

Yes, you can create custom nursery curtains without so much as laying a finger on a sewing machine or needle and thread. It's called the "no sew" method. And it's soooo easy!

There are a few ways you could go about making no sew nursery curtains. All methods require mostly following the instructions above, but instead of sewing with machine, or needle and thread...

1. Use "No Sew" fabric glue. Yep you can simply glue the seams in place! It won't necessarily be quite as long lasting, but it will do the trick!

2. Use fuse-able binding tape. This is much like the glue method above, except using a binding tape that is heated up with a hot iron between the layers of fabric. The tape heats up and binds the fabric in place.

3. Use curtain rod clip rings. By far the easiest method! You can find fabric panels, tapestries, or even cute receiving blankets and hang them (pre-sewn) using these curtain rod rings. They are essentially rings with clips attached to hang the fabric from. Use them with pre-sewn OR with some curtains your DIY'd.

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