Printable Nursery Baby Mobiles

printable baby mobiles

DIY Nursery: Print and Make Your Own Paper Baby Mobiles

Want to create a inexpensive nursery decoration that also happens to be super easy to make? Check out these printable DIY baby mobiles!

These really are easy to make. All you need to do is print them out on some heavy paper or cardstock. add a little string or glue, and a little something to hang the mobile from, and you're ready to get started!

How To Print And Make Your Own DIY Baby Mobiles

1. Print The Paper Mobiles.
Begin by printing the mobile. Scroll down to the lower part of the page. I will be adding new mobiles periodically.

Print the mobile onto some heavy white paper or cardstock (standard 8.5" by 11" paper). I recommend using the "high quality" or "fine" print settings on your printer. Print the page 2-3 times depending on how many pieces you want to hang on the mobile.

2.Cut the Mobile Pieces From the Paper.
You'll want to cut each piece out. I used a 2" circular paper punch to cut the pieces from the paper. But you can use scissors, or even cut the paper in squares using a paper trimmer and leaving the white space around the circles.

3. Glue the Mobile Pieces Together.
Glue the mobile pieces back to back with some string, thread, or twine threaded in between.

4. Hang/Attach The Mobile Pieces. You will need to choose a method for hanging the mobiles. I used a wooden embroidery hoop. You can find these in the sewing section for very little money, and in all different sizes.

You can also use wooden dowels, tree branches, or memory wire.

To make embroidery hoop crib mobiles:
I found this method to be very easy. I used 8 mobile pieces. I marked off where I would hang each piece with a light marker on the inside of the hoop. It was easy to space them apart by marking off 4 quarters and then a mark in the middle in between each mark.
Unscrew the outer part of the hoop so it is loose. Hang the strings over the inner hoop and secure in place with a small piece of tape. When all of the strings are hung replace the outer hoop and tighten it back in place. Remove the tape and trim the ends of the strings. Viola!

Printable DIY Nursery Mobiles

Butterfly Mobile

butterfly nursery mobile printable butterfly mobile

Printable Butterfly Baby Mobiles PDF

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