Baby Pillowcase Dress Pattern

Use this baby pillowcase dress pattern to make the single most easy to make baby sun dresses and tops available! A true pillowcase dress is, well, made form a pillowcase. But really a pillowcase is just way to big to fit a baby!

So I make these dresses with leftover fabric pieces from my stash. You can even sew together lots of squares of fabric together to make a funky quilted dress!

These dresses are seriously so easy to make! You basically sew a rectangle of fabric together and cut out arm holes. Yes it's that easy.

But they are fantastic for kicking around in the summer in style and comfort. You can make em' short for cute tops to pair with shorts. You can even pop em' on over a onesie just to add a bit of style and a pop of color.

Materials and Supplies List:

How To Make a Simple Baby Pillowcase Dress

OK so really, this isn't an actual pillowcase dress. Because we aren't going to use an actual pillowcase. But what we will do is create a pillowcase shape, and then go from there making the dress as anyone making a traditional pillowcase style dress would do.

Start by measuring your baby and determining how wide and how long the dress should be. You generally want the dress to be kind of roomy width wise. Length will all depend on whether you want the dress to reach to baby's ankle/calf area, thigh, or maybe make it into a cute top.

Once you have those measurements lay you're fabric on your workspace so that it is folded to make two layers. Make sure the front of the fabric, or as we'd call it the "right side" is facing inward. Cut through both layers of fabric to make a rectangle the same dimensions as those you took previously.

baby pillowcase dress pattern

Next cut out the arm holes from the sides of the fabric using our super simple pattern.

sewing pillowcase dress pattern

Now on to sewing. I promise all of the following steps are really very easy! But first make sure to heat up your clothes iron.

Begin by sewing the sides of the dress keeping the right sides facing each other.

Next, after heating up your iron, fold over the bottom edge of the dress (1/4 or1/2 inch is fine) and iron in place. fold the edge over once again and iron in place once again. Sew the folded edge in place.

Fold over the fabric along the arm holes just as you did with the bottom edges. Iron in place and fold over once again. Sew the folded edges in place.

sewing pillowcase dress

Fold over the top edges about a 1/4 of an inch and iron in place. Fold over again about 3/4-1 inch and sew in place creating a casing for a ribbon or fabric tie to slip through. Create the same casing on the opposite top edge.

To finish the pillowcase dress you will slip a length of ribbon or fabric tie through the casings to tie at one (or both) shoulders.

baby pillowcase dress pattern

To make a fabric tie cut a long piece of fabric about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. Fold and sew the fabric along it's length with the right sides facing. Turn the fabric right side out and fold in the ends. Stitch the ends shut and viola! you've got a matching fabric tie!

You can even choose to add some details and embellishment. Add an applique or some pockets. You can add some trim to the bottom, or even a ruffle.

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