Sew Your Own Peepee Teepee's

What the heck is a peepee teepee? I thought the same thing when I was nesting and preparing for my son. Would I ever really need to use those things?

What I would find out the wrong way... Yes, you do have a use for those things. IF you would rather avoid the inevitable "infant shower".

With my son it was uncanny! It was as if he had super baby pee sixth sense! He would just be anging around looking all innocent. But behind that angelic look there was a mastermind plotting out and holding his wee for just that moment.

Any moment I opened that diaper the water works began! And I don't mean crying. He would pee all over me!

My homemade peepee teepees were a life saver! They are so easy to make and will surely save you in piles of dirty laundry.

DIY Peepee Teepee
And A Pattern (But Do You Really NEED One??)

So as I was saying... these things are really easy to make. You can use fabric scraps and old wash cloths. Or just pick up a fat quarter of terry cloth and some quilting fabric.

Essentially, you're just cutting you're fabric into half circles. So technically you could take something circular shaped (I dunno, like a bowl or something? lol!) and trace it to make a pattern. Fold it in half and there you go!

That being said I have made a printable half circle in case you don't want to go through the trouble of finding this elusive, perfectly sized circle shaped thing. And then tracing it and all of that. When you could just print out my peepee teepee pattern and print it off. You're welcome!

Let's Get started!

Begin by cutting the pattern pieces from the fabric. I just iron out my fabrics and layer them, then cut through both fabrics at once.

sew peepee teepee

Take each half circle and fold it in half (right sides should be facing inward. Sew a seam up the flat side keeping the circular side open.

make peepee teepee

Turn the terry cloth fabric so that it is right side out (seams hidden). Insert the right side into the other (printed or cotton fabric) so that the bottom unsewn edges match up as well as the sewn seams kept together. Right sides of both fabrics will be facing.

sew peepee teepee

Sew around the bottom edge leaving about an inch and a half open for turning. Turn the fabrics right side out.

sew peepee teepee

Push out all the seams and tuck the terry cloth fabric into the cotton cloth. Sew the opening shut and you're done!

homemade peepee teepee

peepee teepee

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