Make Your Own Nursery Bedding
Baby Blanket Patterns, Ideas, and Tutorials

Making your own nursery bedding and blankets can be so rewarding. Every momma can use to have heaps of blankets and bedding on hand for their baby and for the nursery.

I don't know about y'all but I walked aorund the first year of my babies lives with a baby blanket practically glued to me. I carried them around as a means of keeping baby warm. I draped them over my shoulder as burp cloth backup. They served as means to keep sun out their eyes and cold air and wind from their eyes.

And I made them all myself. I made heaps of blankets. I made thick baby quilts and fluffy fleece blankies. I made receiving blankets and crib comforters. I even made crib bumpers, pillows, and fitted baby sheets. If it were possible I probably would have handmade the baby mattress myself!

You can make your own nursery bedding quite easily and do it on the cheap. Sewing baby blankets can be a fantastic beginner sewing project, or even for beginners to knitting and crocheting.

Baby Nursery Bedding Tutorials

luxury baby bedding

Here's a baby blanket that is super easy to make and will have people asking "Where did you get that fabulous baby blanket?!"
It's simple enough for anyone to make and it makes a great gift as well. Sewing is required...
Make your own warm and cozy baby blankets.

Make Your Own baby crib bumpers! How to make a pattern to fit your crib and a tutorial on how to sew and make your own crib bumper pads.

make your own baby sleeping bag

A blanket sleeper counts as bedding, doesn't it? Make your own with my printable sleep sack pattern.

Make baby pillow cases to slip over your very own handmade baby pillows. Or simply make a bunch of slip covers to use on some pillow forms for your baby's nursery or crib.

Make a patchwork baby quilt. How to make a very simple and too cute patchwork baby quilt. Makes a great gift, nursery decor, or just a warm cozy baby blanket.

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