Pouch Style Baby Sling Pattern

Want to know how to make a sling carrier that is easy to make and reversible? With this baby sling pattern I'll have you making your own pea pod slings in no time!

I absolutely LOVE these baby pouch slings - one of the most widely used items that I make by hand.

I tried several styles of baby carriers before settling on this style as my ultimate fave. The pouch style sling is the easiest to work with (no straps and things to tangle with), and keeps my baby nice and comfy. Did I mention they are great for breastfeeding? The day I tried one on for the first time, I walked away with my daughter happily nursing away and was hooked from then on. I then went on to make a pouch style sling for my one month old son and am busy making more for some friends. The reversible pouch baby sling has been a big hit in my circle!

Supplies List:

  • up to 2 yards each of two different fabrics

  • matching thread

  • some cotton batting for leg padding

Let's talk sizing...

Pouch style slings are not one size fits all. Depending on your size is how you determine what size to make your sling for the comfort of you and your baby.

I do offer size guidelines on the pattern, but for a totally custom tailored fit you may want to use a measuring tape loosely wrapped around over your shoulder and under the opposite arm.

For this tutorial I will go with a 30" pouch sling.

make a baby pouch sling Begin by laying your fabrics on a flat work surface so they facing right sides together. The average width of the sling should be about 20-24". The width section is where your baby will actually sit. So you have the choice of making it a bit roomier or smaller depending on the size of your babe. I like mine to be about 20" wide so I cut my fabric to 21" in width (to allow for seam allowance). After cutting, your fabrics should be 20-24" wide by 62" (to allow for seam allowance).

Fold your fabric in half width wise so that it is 10 - 12" wide by 62". Fold it in half again the long way. Now it will be laid flat at 10-12" by 30".

Use the baby sling pattern piece to cut the ends of the fabric into a half moon shape. To cut them perfectly symmetrical after folding the fabric in half lengthwise, cut through all layers in a kind of quarter circle shape (see diagrams).

diy reversible baby sling

make your own reversible baby sling

Open up the fabric so you are back to two pieces lying flat right sides together. Pin these in place.

Next cut out two pieces of batting measuring about 8" by 2 1/2". Pin them down on opposite ends of the fabric as shown in the diagram. make a baby sling

Now sew the edge all the way around the fabric with a 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. Leave a 1 - 2 " opening for turning the fabric right side out. Make sure you are careful to sew the batting in place.

Remove all of the pins and turn the fabric right side out.

diy reversible baby sling pattern

Press the fabric with a hot iron and stitch the opening shut. Go back and stitch along the edge of the sling about a 1/4" from the edge. When you come to where the batting is turn the fabric and sew 2" inward from the edge and then straight to the end of the fabric about 8".

baby sling sewig seam
To finish you will need to sew the two rounded edges together. First fold the fabric in half, leaving one end jutting out from the other overlapping by 1/4 - 1/2". Pin this in place and then stitch along the very edge of the fabric that is overlapping. Use a hot iron to flatten the extra fabric over the stitching. Hold in place and stitch again over the overlapping fabric.

baby sling sewig seam baby sling sewig seam baby sling pattern

Add A Pocket!

If you have enough fabric left over a great use for it, is to sew a pocket onto the baby sling. This is great for keeping items such as a pacifier, tissues, or even a little bit of cash if you use your baby sling on outings. I know I use mine often while grocery shopping and doing errands.

To create a pocket for your baby sling is an easy and simple extra step. First cut a rectangle of fabric to whatever size would be suitable to you. Lay the piece of fabric right side down on your ironing board. Fold the top edge of the pocket down about 1/2' and iron in place. Now stitch the top edge down about 1/4" from the edge. Next fold and iron the other three sides of the pocket about 1/4". Pin the pocket in place where you intend to sew it onto the sling. Sew it in place stitching as close the edges as you can get (1/8" or less). Viola! You've got a reversible baby pouch sling!

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