Make Your Own Infant Cap

Making these adorable infant caps is one of the easiest projects on this site. And a very useful one, too!

I love this infant cap pattern! Not only are these hats easy to make, but they are super quick to make, too. Make one to match each and every outfit in your baby's layette!

When my daughter was in her infant stages I used this kind of baby hat like crazy. You could say I was baby hat crazy! Haha! They are great for fall and winter months, and even a crisp spring morning.

baby hat pattern Don't be afraid to get creative! Go out and find some really bright and beautiful unique fabrics. Don't be afraid to shy away form the traditional pastel pink and blue.Don't get me wrong, those are cute colors. But you could make the most wonderful and unique baby hats with bold and bright print. I also recommend using a light jersey knit as it will stretch to accommodate different sizes.

The pattern (there are two styles!) I have provided is suited mostly for a newborn, but you can enlarge it slightly to fit a older baby. And yes there are two styles of baby hats that you can make form this pattern. Well, kinda of three.

You can make the standard, folded brim hat. These are very much the same style as the little caps you bring home from the hospital (except with much more style).

You can also make a super easy to sew rough edge infant cap. Here's the thing about jersey cotton - you can completely avoid sewing a hem on the edges and it will not fray. I mean, you could just sew a sort of decorative seam along the edge if you'd like. But seriously, just leave the raw edges and it will have that little bit of natural and rustic feel.

Lastly, you can make a cute little stocking hat with or without a knotted top (my fave!).

To make any of these you really only need some good size fabric scraps. Like, less than a fat quarter. You could even make them out of old T-shirts.

Let's Begin Making Some Baby Hats, Shall We?

Step One: Start by printing out the infant cap pattern onto standard white paper. Trim the pieces form the paper.

Step Two: Lay out the fabric (you will only need about 1.5 square feet of fabric at most) on your workspace. The fabric should be folded in two so that when you cut the pattern piece you will have two equal pieces. Pin the pattern to the fabric (or use pattern weights) and use the pattern as a guideline to cut the pieces from the fabric.

infant cap pattern

Step Three: With right sides together and a 1/4" seam allowance sew the outer edges of the hat.

P.S. I used my serger for the hat pictured below. NO WORRIES at all if you don't have a serger. A regular straight stitch will work very well, probably even better!

make a infant cap

From here you have to decide which kind of hat you want to make! Do you want to make the rustic raw edge jersey cotton baby hat? Or maybe the folded over infant cap? And don't forget about the stocking infant cap!

For the raw edge infant cap you're already done. All you need to do is turn the fabric right side out and give it a little bit of a press with a hot iron. It's ready to wear!

For a Stitched Folded Brim Baby Cap...

With the hat still facing wrong side out, fold the bottom edge up to meet where the horizontal line crosses on the baby hat pattern. Pin it in place and iron the bottom edge flat. Stitch across the fabric about a 1/4" from where the raw edge lays.

make baby hat

Here is what it look like if you turn the hat right side out after stitching.

make baby hat

You could use it just like this if you like the look, or fold the bottom edge up yet again.

infant cap pattern

For A Raw Edge Stocking Hat

This is my personal fave! These are just soooo uber cute. So like above you'll be sewing a seam along the outer edges with a 1/4" seam allowance. These hats are best left with a raw edge, or with the bottom edge folded under by only 1/2", pressed an sewn in place.

When you are done sewing fold the hat right side out press the hat with a hot iron and wear as is, or tie the tippity top into a little knot.

baby cap hat pattern

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