How To Applique Your Baby Stuff:
Stencils, Patterns, Freezer Paper Applique, and More!

Ever wonder how to get those nifty shapes and patches onto your baby's clothes and gear? I want to show you how to applique everything from monograms and baby names, to cute animal shapes and more.

This is a fun and easy method to personalizing all of your baby's things. You can applique everything from onesies and other clothing items, to baby bags, blankets, and well, just about anything fabric!

Really you can easily sketch up your own applique shapes and patterns pretty easily. And it's really fun to experiment with!
But for those of you looking for something ready made I have been creating some fun, printable applique patterns to work with. Stay tuned! I'll be adding new patterns all the time!

How To Applique On Baby Clothes and More:

Stencil Applique

1. It all starts with an idea! You will need an article of baby clothes like a onesie or sleeper, but this will work on anything.

2. Pick out a fabric to match that has an interesting picture or pattern on it.

3. Buy some fuse-able sewable bond (a widely accessible sewing notion from any craft store or sewing section of department stores). Fusable webbing comes in a roll and you can either buy sew-able bond or no-sew bond. You will want to use the sewable stuff for this tutorial.

how to applique4. Find or make a stencil or applique pattern. For mine I just happen to have chipboard shapes laying around with my craft supplies. I used the shape as a stencil. You can go out and buy a stencil, or you can even find a picture on the internet that you like, print it onto some card stock, and then cut it out to trace as an applique pattern. Or simply draw one out by hand! (Or scroll down a bit and use my freezer paper appique instructions).

5. Cut out a piece of sewable bond large enough to trace your stencil shape onto.

6. Heat up your iron according to the directions on the sewable bond package.

7. Place your fabric face side down and your bond paper side up onto the fabric (waxy side should be facing the fabric on the wrong side/back).

8. Iron the bond onto the fabric for a few seconds making sure to heat every little inch of it (the package will say for how long to heat the bond). Now peel back the paper.

9. Trace your stencil, shape, or applique pattern onto the fabric and cut the shape out.

applique pattern onesie10. Place the fabric applique shape onto the item that you wish to apply the applique. Iron the applique onto the baby clothes according to the directions on the fuse-able webbing packaging.

11. Sew the outer edges of the applique shape to the baby item using your sewing machine's zig-zag stitch.

12. Viola! And that is how to applique onto just about any cloth baby item!

applique pattern

You can use just about any type of fabric to make this kind of applique. Try using different shapes and patterned, or textured fabric. You can even piece together pieces of felt to create a image or scene.

Freezer Paper Applique

Freezer paper applique is just a simple way to create a stencil of sorts for creating your applique shape.

You will follow the instructions above, yet a little different in the beginning to create your applique shape.

1. Start by choosing a shape or letter to applique.

2. Transfer your stencil shape to the freezer paper. You can do this by either printing it, tracing, or free hand draw the image. You can also use a die cutting machine if you have one (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.).

3. Iron a piece of fusable bond to the back of your chosen fabric (do not peel off the backing). p> 4. Place your freezer paper shape onto the front of the fabric (shiny side facing down) with the bond already fused to the back. Iron it in place.

5. Cut the shape from the fabric using the freezer paper as a guide.

6. Peel the backing from the fusible bond and iron it to the onesie or baby item.

7. Sew the shape to the garment or item by sewing with the zig zag stitch at the edges of the fabric shape.

Personal Die Cutting Machine

For those of you who are not already In The Know, personal die cutting machines are soooo much fun. And can be used for so many crafts (and yes, baby crafts!), from sewing projects to scrapbooking. I LOVE mine. My personal fave is the Silhouette, but there are several others on the market to choose from.

Here's the thing - you can use a die cutter to cut flawless and intricate applique patterns! And it's pretty easy. Here's what to do.

1. Consult your owner's manual for info about cutting fabric. You may need to use a special cutting blade or specific settings, or cutting mat.

2. Cut a piece of fusable, sewable bond and follow the package instructions to fuse a piece to the back of the fabric you chose for your applique project.

3. Trim the piece of fused fabric to a size that will fit on your cutting mat and feed it into you die cutting machine to cut the desired shape.

4. Remove the backing from the die cut fabric shape and place it onto the baby item of your choice. Iron the fabric applique to adhere to the item.

5. Sew around the edges of the fabric using the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.

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