Free Applique Patterns

printable applique patternsPrint these free applique patterns to use in all your DIY baby stuff projects. Whether your making unique baby clothing, or some one of a kind nursery decor. You could even use them to add cute embellishments to blankets, hats, and burp cloths. The possibilities are unlimited!

My favorite kind of applique is created with felt. I have to admit that I have a bit of a felt addiction! It is so easy to work with, which is just perfect if you are new to sewing on applique.

But you can applique with just about any fabric. You could even mix pretty, decorative patterned fabric with felt for a really unique and colorful applique piece. Just have fun with it!

How to Applique:

1. Print an applique pattern from this page or even make your own.

2. Cut out the applique pattern.

3. Heat your iron on low.

4. Place a piece of fuse-able bond onto the wrong side (the back) of the fabric you intend to applique. The paper side should be facing up.

5. Apply heat from your iron for about 2 seconds over the entire piece of bond.

6. Trace you pattern onto the back of the fabric for applique.

7. Cut out the shape from the pattern and place face up onto the item you want to attach the applique onto.

8. Apply heat from your iron for 8 seconds, over the entire embellishment.

9. Zig zag stitch the edges of the applique, or apply a fabric paint outline. When working with felt I usually just hand stitch it all together.

Need some inspiration? Take of your coat and stay awhile! Check out the site! Within the pages of Make Sew Baby there are a lots ideas and tutorials on not only how to applique, but also to make handmade items to applique onto, as well as ideas to decorate items you may already have.

  • Applique onto baby clothing! Turn your plain old baby tee's and sleepers into fab one of a kind pieces with DIY applique. There's a tutorial on how to applique, complete with pictures.

Or maybe you want to make completely hand crafted items? Make your own baby stuff and get creative by adding applique to the stuff you create:

Printable Applique Patterns

Here are some of the applique patterns I have created for you to experiment and have fun with. They are all printable and absolutely free! Stay tuned as I will be adding more new and unique patterns in the future!

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