Felt Fox Baby Shoe Pattern

Who wouldn't want a shoe with cute little fox faces on them?! Use my printable baby shoe pattern to make your very own pair of "Foxy Tots" Mary Jane baby shoes.

fox felt baby shoes

These foxy shoes are designed to be created with felt, as is the instructions and tutorials. However if you're a more experienced sewer you can easily switch things up and use a cotton fabric or flannel. Just be mindful of seam allowances and turning.

Make Your Own Felt Baby Shoes

The seam allowance for this pattern is to accommodate hand stitching felt at 1/16th of an inch.

baby shoe pattern Supplies List:

  • 2-3 colored felt sheets
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • buttons and/or snaps

The pattern includes sizes newborn up to 12 months, with computer drafted patterns and instructions for sewing with felt.

Download the printable pattern below and follow along with the tutorial to make your own "Foxy Tots" felt fox Mary Jane shoes.

Printable PDF Pattern download - sizes newborn up to 12 months... $5.00

Felt Baby Shoe Sewing Instructions

Begin by cutting all of the pattern places as per recommended on the pattern and instructions. Please note that the pattern is based on the acrylic sheets of felt that are much more easily accessed from craft stores and Joann Fabric. If you are using a wool felt you may only need one layer of fabric for your shoes. Use your own judgement based on thickness/stiffness of felt and how warm and/or stiff you may want the shoe to be.

baby shoe patternBegin by sewing the back of the shoe. Match up the "sole of shoe" piece with the "back of shoe" piece by matching at the center lines and pinning in place.

Sew the pieces together starting at the center line and sewing outward with a 1/16th of an inch seam allowance. When you reach the end of the "back of shoe" fabric reinforce your stitches and start back at the middle line again, sewing to the opposite side.

Next match the fox face piece to the "front of shoe" piece and in in place Sew the two pieces together. Add the nose and eyes.

sewing baby shoesMatch the "front of shoe" piece to the "sole of shoe" piece with the fox face facing inwards (upside down). Sew in place starting from the center line and working outwards. Reinforce the stitching when you reach the end of the "front of shoe" piece. Go back to the center line again and begin sewing from the center to the opposite side. Reinforce the stitching at the end of the fabric.

Turn the shoe right side out.

This is an optional step for the baby shoe pattern. Felt can be left raw and unsewn at the edges but I like to add some top stitching for added strength and, even more so, for a decorative detail.

To add the top stitching just start stitching at one edge of the front or back pieces and back stitch all along the edges and along the straps.

To finish the fox shoes simply add a snap or buttons, or both!

Viola! You've got yourself a gorgeous set of baby shoes that will look adorable on your Little One's tootsies, or a fantastic baby gift for your friends who love foxes or woodland creatures.

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