Baby and Toddler Dress Up Time!
Make Your Own Princess Fairy Wand

Little girls just love playing princess dress up time. What better a prop than a fairy wand?! This wand is fairly easy to make and so inexpensive.

My 18 month old daughter went wild for this toy as soon as she saw it. While I was creating it she spent the entire time begging me to hand it over. :) When I was finally done she would not put it down. She even insisted that she bring it with her whenever we leave the house! Needless to say, a big hit.

Use this fairy wand as an accessory to any dress-up or Halloween costume. You can change the ornament on the end to any shape you want. I went with a classic star shape, but you could also make it a heart, or even make it a wizards wand by changing the colors to black and dark blue, or even change the shape on the end a diamond.

How To Make A Fairy Wand

princess fairy wand What You'll Need:

  • wooden dowel
  • hot glue gun
  • colored felt
  • ribbon
  • beads and/or bells (optional)

Start by cutting a couple of lengths of ribbon to attach to the end of the wand. I cut mine about 15 inches each, in two different colored ribbons. Use a hot glue gun to attach these to the end of the wooden dowel. I folded the pieces of ribbon in half, then added a small strip of hot glue, and pressed the ribbon down onto the dowel.

make a fairy wand

Next you will add the ribbon to the outside of the dowel, to cover the entire dowel from top to bottom. You will have to work fast to do this, and work in small sections at a time as the glue tends to cool and harden super fast.

make a fairy wand First add a small bead of glue to the base of the dowel on the end that you already glued your ribbon streamers. Leaving about 10" slack at the bottom, start winding the ribbon up around working upwards on the dowel. Stop winding when you have covered the glue strip. Add another glue strip and continue winding the ribbon. Repeat this over and over until the entire wooden dowel is covered neatly with ribbon. Trim the ribbon off of the top of the dowel and secure in place with a dollop of glue. Using the 10" of remaining ribbon at the bottom of the dowel, tie a knot around the very end of the fairy wand and secure in place with a small dollop of glue. Make sure and place the glue under the ribbon and keep it hidden. You can trim the end of the ribbon to match the rest of the ribbon streamers at the end of the wand.

Now to add the cloth accents to the top of the fairy wand. I used a star shape to make my wand. You can download and print some star shapes here. Print the pattern and cut out the shapes. Use the pattern to pin down (or trace with disappearing ink) onto some colored felt or fabric to cut out the pieces used to make the top of the fairy wand. Cut out two of the largest star shapes for the base. You can cut out the smaller stars from different colored felt to create visual interest.

homemade princess fairy wand

Once you have cut two of the largest star shapes, place them both together and hand sew them together with matching thread. You will want to sew the stars together only about 3/4's of the way shut to leave an opening for stuffing.

homemade princess fairy wand

make a fairy wand Apply a strip of hot glue to the end of the dowel (this is where you will attach the star or intended shape). Hold the sewn star shape open and press the dowel down against the felt so the glue will hold it in place. Now stuff the shape full with cotton filling. A great idea is to also fill the inside of the star with some small bells, or rattle, however I recommend gluing it in place before filling, for a safety precaution. Hand stitch the star shut.

You could be done here, and hand that fab toy over to your little one for some expert princess party play. Or you could even go a bit further and decorate the outside of the star.

I started by sewing on the smaller star shapes to create decorative accents. I went one step further and even added some pretty beads to outline the colored felt stars and give it a bit of bling. You could bedazzle it, or use some sparkly fabric paint to add accents.

Does your little one like to play dress up time? We'd love to see pics of your cuties playing dress up, your homemade costumes! Or if you've used this tutorial as inspiration we'd love it if you would share your homemade fairy wands with us. You could be featured here on this page!

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