DIY Baby Mobile Ideas

You can make your own DIY baby mobile that is inexpensive and easy to make, to boot!

Crib mobiles are such an odd piece of the puzzle that completes our baby's nursery. A mobile is half decoration and half baby toy. So many of us feel compelled to hang one up so baby can gaze at it while drifting off to sleep. But very young infants don't even notice them unless they are created specially for infants with contrasting colors and patterns; black, red, and white. Rightfully we should be changing out crib mobiles out as baby grows!

Why not create a handmade or DIY baby mobile? You can make a mobile out of some very inexpensive materials that are both beautiful, and will keep baby blissfully distracted whilst floating off to sleepy land.

I have some great easy DIY shortcuts to making cute mobiles as well as a free pattern for making an all out handmade masterpiece.

Make Your Own Crib Mobile

felt pattern baby mobileYou can make a DIY crib mobile for pennies on the dollar if you get creative! You can make or sew your own (I share my pattern below), or you can take some pre-made items and simply hang them to make a mobile! Here's some of my best ideas.

The Materials - Where to Start

But what do you hang your DIY baby mobile from?

Keep it simple! And take a walk through your local craft store.

  • Wooden dowels - you can buy a pack of wooden dowels for around a dollar. Just cross cross a couple of them and tie them together with twine or hot glue gun them in place. Glue on strings to hang items (or fishing line? Thread?) or screw in some tiny hanging loops or hooks!

  • Embroidery hoops! - Yes! Why not? You can even cover it in fabric or paint it! A perfect choice of you want to change the items you want to hang on your crib mobile. You can hang the strings in between the hoops and tighten it up.

  • Craft Wreaths - you know the kind they sell made out of lots and lots of twigs and branches? Perfect for a rustic or woodland nursery! You could even use the foam wreaths and create a ribbon wreath as the top of your mobile!

    What will we hang from our DIY baby mobiles?

    Here's where to get creative! You can use stuffed animals, or paper dolls! You can use anything cute and colorful that is easy to make or pre-made. Take a stroll through the craft store or dollar section of the toy store! You'll find so many cute and inexpensive ideas!

    • wool balls or pom pom
    • wind up toys
    • quick sew felt animals
    • silk flowers and buttons
    • tiny jointed craft teddy bears

    DIY Baby Crib Mobile Ideas

    Colorful Pom Pom Baby Mobile

    diy baby mobile by Emma Harper (Lancashire, England)

    A colorful, easy to make baby mobile that is sure to grab baby's attention.

    All you need is some 12mm (1/2 inch) wooden dowel, a small wood drill, some strong thread or thin nylon cord and several different colored balls of wool for the pom poms (and patience!!).

    You can add as few or as many pom pom's as you like in any color combination but I like to try and balance it out a bit so it hangs level.

    Airplane Mobile

    diy airplane baby mobile by Amanda (from Florida)

    My son and I had been flying to see my parents as much as possible before he turned 2 and we would have to pay for a seat for him. He fell in love with airplanes so when we found I we were expecting another boy I decided to decorate the "boy's" room in an airplane theme.

    I found so much cute stuff online but it was all waaaay too expensive and that's when I went into super craft mode. I made all the decorations I found online but the mobile was my pride and joy. I drew out the pieces for the body, wings, propeller and tail wings on paper then traced them onto balsa wood. I cut the top of the mobile out of some plywood we had and drilled holes in it for hanging. I really enjoyed using power tools too! I used an exact-o knife to cut the pieces out of balsa wood. I finished it all off with paint and hung the planes using fishing line. The only thing I paid for was the balsa wood too... Cute project for about $3 eh?

    Make Your Own Felt DIY Baby Mobile (Free Pattern)

    I am just totally addicted to crafting with felt. You can buy acrylic felt (although I do prefer the wool felt) for about 30 cents per 9 by 12 inch sheet. Which translates into a entire handmade crib mobile (with time and patience) for only a few dollars.

    I created this teddy bear and heart balloon mobile in only a few hours time, worked on while watching TV over a couple of days. A very stress relieving activity I might add!

    Supplies List:

    • colored felt
    • printable pattern
    • thread and needle
    • scissors
    • string, fishing line, or ribbon
    • fiber fill/stuffing
    • (optional) wire

    To make this teddy bear DIY baby mobile pattern start by choosing some colored felt. I chose to go with one sheet each of white, aqua blue, purple, light and dark pink sheets of 9 by 12 inch felt. Follow the pattern to cut the correct pieces to make 6-10 teddy bears and coordinating hearts. You may also want to cut the pieces to create the top part of the mobile (optional) although you could also choose to simply use one of the DIY ideas from above.

    felt teddy bear baby mobile

    Hand sew all of the felt pieces and then thread some thread, string, or fishing wire through to hand them to form a crib mobile. I used wire to join the bears to the heart balloons, but you could easily use string instead by weighting down one leg each on the bears by stuffing the leg with a bean or something heavier than fluffy fiber fill.

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