Easy DIY Custom Baby Clothes
Turn Plain Ol' Baby T Shirts and Onesies Into Personalized Custom Frocks

Here is a really cool way to add cool graphics, pictures and lettering to pretty much any baby clothing item. In fact you do not have to limit yourself to just clothing. You could use this same idea to customize or personalize anything that is made with fabric. Make custom baby blankets, pillows, diaper bags, you get the picture.

How do I do it? Iron on paper! Yup. There is actual paper that is made to print anything you want onto it, and then iron the image onto fabric. It is super easy to do. There is no mess and endless possibilities.

You can find iron on paper at any craft store or office supply. They even have stretchable iron on paper, of which I recommend for any kind of cotton t-shirt or fabric item. The regular iron on paper can sometimes crack on any kind of stretchy material, and ends up flaking off and just looks crappy in general.

custom baby clothes I used the iron on transfer paper to make a couple of cool, funky onesies. I simply did a search for some graphics online to find some images. I recommend trying out Istockphoto.com to find some really great illustrations or photos that are royalty free. You can also simply do a Google image search and see what you could come up with. Most images are fine for a one time personal use.

All you need to start making these custom baby clothes and tee shirts is a photo or graphic that you want to transfer to a T-shirt or bag or whatever. Print that graphic onto the paper with your home computer printer. Trim it out with a margin of about 1/8" to 1/4" or even less. Then iron it onto the clothing or fabric.

custom vintage tattoo onesie 1. Purchase iron on transfer paper. You can buy it at many office supply stores or online paper merchants, your local craft stores or even sewing stores like Joanne Fabrics.

2. Find a cool graphic or photograph, or create your own pictures and sayings. Another great place to find some good graphics and stuff is Stockexpert.com where all of the pictures are FREE. You can even create your own logos or crop and resize photos for free using Paint.net

3. Print onto iron on transfer paper. I recommend printing the pictures or graphics at the highest quality settings for your computer printer. If your printer has settings for transfer paper definitely use them, and also make sure and runt the paper through your external paper tray to avoid paper jams.

4. Transfer it to a onesie, t-shirt, or baby blanket to name a few. Place your printed graphic or picture face down onto the garment or object you wish to transfer the picture to. Use your clothing iron to apply heat and pressure. Peel off the backing and Viola! You've got yourself some really cool baby clothing or custom baby gear. Not all iron on transfer papers will have the same instructions, so do make sure and consult the package instructions before beginning your project.

iron on baby onesie cassette tapes

personalize baby onesie mix tapes

iron on baby

iron on mix tape baby tee shirt

baby in tattoo onesie Using iron on transfer paper is a great way to make custom baby clothes as gifts.

Say you have a friend who really likes art, or music, or a certain cartoon character. You could put together a baby gift basket full of items you customized yourself to match their favorite hobby, interest, or music.

Maybe they like art - iron on prints from their favorite artists onto onesies, pillows, baby bags, etc...

Make onesies with their favorite music artists on them. Or maybe just use some really pretty pictures and graphics to make unique baby clothes.

Or get silly! Grandparents can iron on a picture of themselves onto a onesie with the words "worlds greatest grandparents" or "proud grandparents".

Really there is A LOT of potential here. So get your imagination going and go out and buy yourself some iron on transfer paper. In no time you'll be making all of your own custom baby clothes!

Pssst! Another really great tip! Are you sewing a lot of your own handmade baby clothing as gifts? One way I really love to use iron on transfer paper is to make custom baby clothes tags! I cut tiny fabric tags and apply No Frey to the edges. I then print out little logos saying the garment was handmade by me! Iron it onto the tag and sew it into the garment! Such a nice finished touch!

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