Make a Baby Taggie Blanket

These taggie blankets are so easy to make and are awesome baby toys to boot. A great beginner sewer's project, or fat quarter project, and they make a fabulous baby gift!

make baby taggie blanket

All you need is a couple of squares of colorful, decorative, or fuzzy fabric and some coordinating ribbons to make the "tags". You'll be whipping up loads of baby time fun in no time! What's even better - you can attach all kinds of toys to the tags and even add on a pacifier!

How To Sew A Baby Tag Blanket

First things first, a taggie blanket is really just a tiny blanket with folded ribbons sandwiched and sewn in between the layers. Easy Peasy! The only difficulty lies in spacing your ribbons and ribbon placement so that it all comes out "even". But really, if they aren't all perfect, no sweat! Your baby will never know the difference!

But here are some tips for perfect placement:

1. Fold the fabric in half to find the middle point on each side. Place one tag at exactly this point on all 4 sides and pin in place. Then pick a side and put a tag about an inch and a half from each outer edge. Now place a tag directly in the middle of the spaces left. Repeat for each edge. You'll mostly be eyeballing it but it will look fine, trust me. You can double check each side by folding in half to see where each tag lays in comparison to the opposite side.

2. Use a centering ruler. You can usually find these in just about any craft store. These rulers mark a center point in the ruler and then measure outward from there. A perfect tool for spacing your tags!

Let's Start Sewing!

To create the taggie blanket begin by choosing two complimentary fabrics. I like to choose one fabric with an interesting pattern printed on it, and one with some texture, such as a minky fabric or even the super soft fleece that has the patterns and shapes formed into the fabric. Perfect!

Cut your fabrics into a square. Sizing doesn't matter! It can be any size you want. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a square! You can cut it into a circle or shape or whatever.

You'll be sewing with the right sides facing inward towards each other. So lay one fabric down on your work surface facing right side up.

diy taggie blanket

Let me just say here - the picture above is not entirely accurate! I would lay the pins much further inward as to not hit any pins while sewing. I realized I placed them wrong after the photo. Such is life!

Cut several strips of ribbon. I like to fold them in half and use a clothes iron to press the folded edge flat. Go ahead and start pinning in place as evenly as you can. Take care not to go too close to the edges to account for seam allowance.

After all of the pins are in place you'll place the second piece of fabric on top face down and pin in place. Sew the fabric together along all four edges leaving a space open for turning.

Turn the fabric right side out. Press out the corners and iron the edges flat. Stitch the opening shut.

Sew a seam about a 1/4 to a half inch from the edge along all four sides of the taggie blanket. You're done! Start attaching some awesome baby toys and give it to your little one for some fun time!

Going to tackle this project for your little one? I'd love it if you'd share your handmade baby taggie blankets with us!

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