"In The Garden" Felt Flower Embellished
Mary Janes Baby Shoe Pattern

These little felt Mary Jane's are so easy to make and over the top adorable! If you're looking for an easy baby shoe pattern this is the one! You can make these adorable flower covered baby shoes in only a couple hours. They are just so gorgeous noone will know that it took you no time to whip them up!

felt baby shoe pattern

So pop on a good movie and make a cuppa! Time to get cozy with these fantastic Mary Jane baby shoes!

Make Your Own Felt Baby Shoes

These shoes are meant to be sewn using felt as your fabric. However you can certainly use other fabrics but just need to be mindful of modifying the process for turning seams and such.

baby shoe pattern

Supplies List:

Download the printable pattern below and follow along with the tutorial to make your own "In the Garden" flower covered Mary Jane shoes.

Printable PDF Pattern download - sizes newborn up to 12 months... $5.00

Felt Baby Shoe Sewing Instructions

Begin by matching the “back of shoe” pieces wrong sides together. Also match up the “sole of shoe”pieces wrong sides together. You may want to pin each both sets of pieces together.

baby shoe patternLine up the “back of shoe” pieces with the “sole of shoe” pieces matching them so that the centers match up(dashed lines represent middle of piece). Right sides should be together.

Begin sewing from the middle point outward at the back heel of the shoe. Match the seams as you sew. When you reach the end of the “back of shoe” piece reinforce the stitch and then go back to the center back of the shoe and begin sewing from the middle outwards again, this time to the opposite edge. Assemble the flowers as per the instructions within the baby shoe pattern. Assemble the flowers onto the "front of shoe" piece as you see fit.

Match the “top of shoe” pieces together with wrong sides facing and pin in place. Match the pinned pieces with the “sole of shoe” pieces with right sides facing. Match the pieces together at the center lines.

sewing baby shoesStarting at the top center point of the “front of shoe” piece, begin sewing from the center outwards, matching the seams as you sew. When you reach the end reinforce the seams and start over back at the center point working outwards at the opposite side.

When you reach the end turn the shoe right side out and begin sewing the “front of shoe” pieces together by stitching along the edge, sewing from one side and ending at the opposite side. Next sew the “back of shoe” pieces together in the same manner.

Finish the shoe by sewing on a snap or buttons for closure at the ankle of the shoes.

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