Upcycled Recycled Denim DIY Baby Jeans

Here's a great way to get inexpensive baby clothes and recycle your old and unwanted clothes. I made this pair of DIY baby jeans for my daughter using an old pair of jeans that I was getting ready to give to the good will or throw away.

The best part about it is that you do not need to hem the bottom of the legs since you can easily use the hem that is already sewn into your jeans. Plus the hem will look great!
Use the pattern on my baby clothes pattern for pants page. Print the pattern out. A couple of the pages will need to be taped together to form the full pattern. You may also want to trim an inch or two off of the bottom since you will not necessarily have to sew the bottom hem. The pattern is sized for a baby around 12 months old. You can easily reduce the size on a copy machine to fit your baby whether it be a bit smaller or bigger.

make baby jeans The key is to line the pattern up so that the bottom hem of the pattern will line up with the hem sewn into the fabric that you choose to make these baby pants with. You can make baby clothes cheap, by using just about any kind of old clothing you have laying around. An old dress, old shirts or t-shirts, or go the same route I did and make some baby jeans out of your old denim jeans.

You can even jazz them up a bit by using some of the other techniques I show on the site. Use fuse-able webbing to add a cute fabric accent to the bottom cuff of the pant, or to make a cute shape somewhere on the leg of the pants. Customize them with fabric paint or even some iron-on paper. You could even add some pockets to the legs or back side. Use all of these ideas to make your own stylish and funky baby clothes.

baby clothes cheap

DIY Baby Jeans Revamp

There are so many ways to turn an ordinary pair of upcycled (well what's ordinary about that??) baby jeans, into totally unique little works of art!

Neat DIY Ideas

  • Add lace or eyelet trim to the pockets and ankles
  • Add details and art with fabric markers or paint
  • Add some cute pictures with iron-on's
  • Create your very own unique appliques!

Making More Than Just Jeans

You are definitely not limited to jeans with this DIY upcycling and recycling ideas. You can make new baby pants out of old pajama pants for cute baby lounge pants, or pretty much any of your old garments can be turned into DIY baby pants! If you've got a few hours to sew you can save those pieces form going into the trash and give your old clothes new life!

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