Baby Leggings Pattern and Tutorial

Use my baby leggings pattern to make your own cute baby bottoms. Baby leggings are an absolute wardrobe staple and essential. What Mama doesn't love to keep piles of these soft knit, stretchy and comfy baby pants? They go with everything! And are for every season.

Leggings are great for baby to wear alone "as is", or paired underneath dresses, shorts and skirts. Or even wear them under pants as a double layer on the cold days.

With my printable sewing pattern and tutorial I'll have you whipping up homemade baby leggings in droves! These are so easy to make. I promise!

baby leggings pattern

But check this out - you can make your own baby leggings super duper cheap and on the fly! "How?" you may ask? With upcycling!

Upcycle and/or recycle your old tee shirts and pajama's, sweatshirts, and even sweaters. You will have the most creative and unique baby leggings that cost virtually nothing.

Supplies and Materials List

  • jersey knit or interlock fabric
  • thread
  • elastic waistband

How To Make Baby Leggings

Begin by printing out my free printable baby leggings pattern. The sewing pattern is in the form of a digital PDF file. You will need a PDF reader to open and print the pattern and tutorial.

To use the pattern follow the diagram to cut the pieces from the paper and tape them together to create the one piece simple baby leggings pattern.

Lay the pattern piece over your folded fabric and cut two pieces. I like to place a colored pin in each piece on both sides to mark the front and back of the pants pattern. You could also use sewing chalk or disappearing ink to mark fornt and back sides.

To begin sewing thread your machine and set it up to sew a long and narrow zig zag stitch. Do make sure and test the stitching on some scrap fabric pieces.

Begin sewing at the bottom cuff of the legs. Fold the fabric up by about 1/4 - 1/2" and iron in place. Sew with a zig zag stitch to hold the hems in place. Repeat this step for both pieces.

Place pattern pieces right sides together and sew the top front and back of pants seams together.

sew baby leggings

Match the seams together at the crotch of the pants and sew the pant legs together starting from the ankle of one side of the pants and ending at the opposite leg.

make baby leggings
Fold the upper waist band over by about 1/2 - 3/4" and iron in place. Fold it over again and iron to create a casing for fitting with elastic waistband.

Sew the waistband in place leaving a small opening for inserting elastic.

Cut a longish length of elastic and insert a large safety pin through the end. Use the safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing on the top of the pants waistband.

Pull the elastic all the way through and adjust length accordingly to get the right fit on the pants. Knot the elastic and sew the opening on the casing shut.

Turn the finished baby leggings right side out and admire your work. Good job Momma!

make baby leggings pattern

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