Printable Baby Handprint Banner

Craft your own adorable baby handprint banner today! I'm so loving these printable banners! They are so super easy to create. Just print it out on your computer printer! You can use the banners as a "welcome home baby" kind of banner, or as a nursery decoration, a party, whatever you can dream up!

printable baby handprint banner

The banners feature a colorful chevron pattern paired with some cute polka dots. They even come in several different colors. If you happen to need a color that is not available here yet (I played with the idea of adding yellow and orange but just haven't had the chance yet) please do message me and let me know.

So to create your very own baby banner, well, it's easy. I swear. But there is some crafting involved. The handprints are not part of the printable file! You have to add those yourself.

I do recommend using an ink pad that is completely not toxic and water based. Something that is washable!

But I also whole heartedly recommend using some simple finger paints or tempe paints. These are both very washable and safe to use.

Get rolling with the right inks or paint and you can add baby handprints and footprints to these banners until the cows come home.

Print Your Own Baby Handprint Banners

Here's the next awesome thing about these baby handprint banners. I made them so that you can add in text!

Yep, you can add handprints and footprints, and letters and words! Epic!

But where to start?

First download my printable baby handprint banner customizable PDF file. If you are making handprint or footprints only, then you can just print the banner AS IS. But if you would like to add text/wording or letters then you will need to highlight the pre-inserted text and press the CONTROL button and the letter E at the same time to bring up a typing palette. You can use the palette to change the color of letter, the size and even the fonts!

Print the file onto some sturdy white paper and trim the banner pieces from the paper. I use a paper cutter but a good ol' pair of scissors will likely be fine.

Now you just need to add in your handprints and attach the banner to a string. I like to use twine.

you can glue the banner to the string, or tape it, or go the easiest way out and punch little holes at the edges and simply thread the string through.

Now that you're done making yours make sure and take a pic and send it on in so I can post all of your banners at the bottom of the page! Pretty please? Let's see em!

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