Homemade Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Our readers shared their homemade baby Halloween costume ideas with us so we could pass the inspiration on to you!

There's nothing better than a fantastic homemade Halloween costume! And they are s much fun to create!

I have to admit that I dressed my lil' one's up for Halloween even when they were tiny wee one's. It didn't matter to me that they wouldn't remember it. It is the most fun holiday ever! And who doesn't love the swoons a adorable baby all decked out in costume elicits. People love it!

But then it gets even better when the kiddos grow a bit bigger. Because at some point into toddler-hood, the wee ones decide they will wear there costume pretty much any day of the year. It's great because all your hard work putting that costume together is not for taken for granted. The costume you crate will be worn over and over. Whilst playing in the house, in the yard, at play dates, and even to the grocery store! I've taken many a errand trip with little ones dressed like dinosaurs and princesses! :-)

homemade baby halloween costume ideas

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Reader Submitted DIY Baby Costumes

baby scarecrow costume

Scarecrow Baby Costume

By by Zara Longo (Central Point, OR, USA)

I looked many places and couldn't find a baby costume that was cute and small enough for my daughter (and everywhere I looked they were all the same) so I decided I would make her one.

The outfit was fairly easy to make (just a little time consuming). The onesie, hat, patches and "straw" are all made of fleece (so baby would stay warm). I took apart one of my daughters onesies and hat to use as patterns , and bought a pair of overalls from a thrift store. I then just hand stitched on fleece patches and some buttons I already had onto the hat and overalls, then I took the yellow fleece and sewed it into the neck, sleeves, legs, pockets and hat. Next I simply cut it into strips to look like "straw". Put it all together and you have one very adorable scarecrow!

Renaissance Princess Baby Costume

Renaissance Princess

by Kristin (Ohio)

We are the proud parents of a 5 month old baby girl. Being our first child, I absolutely had to make her a little princess baby costume, for that's what she is. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I'm not a talented sewer- I just fumble my way through. So, I measured one of her shirts that was the basic shape I wanted and one of her dresses and cut a pattern out of computer paper. I found the perfect fabrics right away at the fabric store. After cutting the fabric I pinned it together inside out and sewed it. I bought an eyelet punch in order to put in eyelets for the leather string (a renaissance touch). I made the head dress out of floral wire, fake flowers and colorful feathers- very easy. The result was precious on her. Very worth the work.

Baseball Baby Costume

Baseball Baby Costume

by Shannon Strong-Snow (Jamestown, New York)
I pulled up a picture of a baseball glove online, and put my husbands glove on the dining room table. I studied how the real glove actually was designed, laid out my fabric, took a deep breath...and started to cut what I thought was an outline of a baseball glove, leaving myself enough space to sew it, and allowed for stuffing as well because we all know 20 inches become 7 once stuffed :-).

Once I completed sewing the glove, cutting a hole for my sons head to come through as the ball...I then had to construct a way that my son would actually stay in it, so I cut more fabric to make a backing for the costume. I hand sewed the backing on around the top section, and placed velcro at the bottom to hide my sons feet. This was not hard to do since he was only two months at the time. I stuffed the costume, and even cut small 1-inch wide strips to make the netting section between the thumb and fore-finger section of the glove my sons head would softly be able to lay in a comfy non stuffed area of the glove. I then created a simple bonnet from felt, glued on baseball threads with red felt, used brown yarn and a 1/2 circle large upholstery needle, and created the leather lines you see on a baseball glove. Viola! I placed our son in his costume, placed it in the stroller, and off we went! I dressed him in a brown onesie so he really looked like the ball in the glove! It was my husbands costume idea, (huge baseball fan that he is) and since there are no patterns for something like this...I had to wing it! I am really happy with the results though. Its a fun infant costume.

ragged anne baby costume

Raggedy Anne Baby Costume

by Trisha (UT, USA)

This was actually a pretty simple baby costume to make. I already had a white hat that I glued red yarn in loops on the inside of the hat. I made it shorter in the front and longer in the back.

The dress is just a basic blue dress. I took a rectangle of white cotton fabric and sewed it around the dress to look like the bottom of the apron. Then I took more of the cotton fabric and sewed the strips over the shoulders for the straps of the apron.

I couldn't find red and white striped tights for an infant, so I took plain white tights and painted red stripes using fabric paint. I already had the white shoes to complete the outfit.

That's all there was too it. Pretty simple, but it came out wonderful!

herseys kiss baby costume

Little Hershey's Kiss Baby Costume

by Heather (Glenwood Springs, CO)

I bought lots of the silver fabric. I wanted something more shiny and "foil" like but this was all they had. So I sprayed it with silver glitter to give it more sheen.

The hat is a simple birthday party hat I covered with the fabric.

The body is actually a lamp shade. I cut and removed the metal parts so I just had the shade. Then I cut it all the way down and attached a zipper. I had to measure and cut arm holes also. Then it of course was covered in the silver fabric.

The tag is just hemmed white fabric. The letters I found in the Hardware section. They were adhesive. I eventually hot glued the tag to the top of the hat. I hadn't done that yet in the picture, so it's just tucked underneath the hat.

Pair it with a white turtleneck and tights and voila! You've got a Kiss!

We got lots of compliments on our little kiss. It was a little challenging, but not that bad once I got the hang of it!

baby barista costume

Baby Barista

by Jessica (Tampa, FL)

I bought some green fabric and made a simple apron (approximate size 12 months).

I bought a baby hat & covered it in black fabric.

I went to Starbucks & asked for some of their stickers & added them to the costume!

This was SO easy & a HUGE hit!

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