Baby's First Foods Recipes!
Making Wholesome Homemade Baby Food

Choosing when to start feeding your baby first foods is a very personal decision, and one that is different for just about everyone.

When I first introduced my daughter to apple sauce she was only 3 months old! Eek! And get this, it was jarred baby food. Oh the horror! Lol! If I could do it all over again it would have been homemade from day one but, alas then I would have never discovered just how much she despised that icky store bought stuff. Psst! In my defense it was organic!

The point is that it can be different for everyone and although some will tell you the "right" time for feeding baby "x,y,and z" is at very specific milestones and ages. I think the truth of the matter is it is different for everyone and a matter for both mother and child.

My little boy was almost exclusively breast fed well after 6 months old! I made him the very best homemade apple puree a lil' guy could ask for. He just wasn't into it. He wanted breast milk, and breastmilk only. And if he started to get very hungry he only wanted breast milk for more hours of the day and in greater quantities! Heck, I know some moms exclusively breastfeed much longer than I even did. So yes, like I said - a very individual choice.

That being said, although there are different age recommendations for certain foods it is recommended that you stick to certain foods and food groups. Your baby's little belly is not yet used to digesting food. I do recommend doing your own research on what your pediatrician or naturopath recommends you begin with for first foods. And I whole heartedly recommend using the best, fresh organic fruits and vegetable to make your own homemade baby food.

Wholesome Homemade First Foods Recipes

I have to start by saying that these are the recipes I used when I was making my own homemade baby food for my babes. Honestly, these are some of the easiest baby food recipes going! For a lil' one just starting out on "solid" foods I whole heartedly recommend using fresh, raw fruits and veggies when possible. The more fresh, it is (uncooked) the more nutrients it will pack in. Making it super nourishing and the absolute easiest to digest.

Let's get started...

Easy Fruit Puree

Apples, Pears, or Peaches - Fruit purees make an excellent choice for a first baby food! These fruits are incredibly easy to prepare - no cooking needed! However, you will need a blender or food processor, and a fine mesh strainer. I should also note here, that apples are one of the "dirty dozen" when it comes to the levels of pesticides found in the fruit when tested. I urge you to buy organic if you can.

I mention all three of these fruits, but this recipe is intended for making a single fruit baby food. Mixing different foods can come a bit later when your baby becomes used to the flavors and consistencies of solid foods.

Start by peeling your fruit. All three can be peeled fairly easily with an ordinary vegetable peeler. Slice the fruit in half. Peaches need to be pitted. All pieces of the core should be removed for both apples and pears. Cut the fruit into chunks and pop them into your blender or food processor and blend or process until they are very, very smooth. Pour the puree through your mesh strainer pressing with the back of a spoon if need be.

One Banana, Two Banana

Oh the glorious banana! A life saver in the day of the average busy and tired mama. For a first food you will want to throw em' in the blender and get them really smooth. Smoosh that baby through your strainer after puree as well to make it really easy to handle on the tongue and tummy. Yum!

Peas and Carrots Baby!

These veggies need to be cooked/softened before feeding them to your lil' bird. I highly recommend steaming them.

If you choose to make your baby food with peas you'll need fresh shelled peas. Frozen just won't much cut it! Something else I'd like to throw out there for your consideration: grow the peas yourself! I swear it's not as hard as it sounds! I grow peas every year and my little ones LOVE them. If you don't have the space no worries. You can grow them in a pot on your patio, porch, or balcony.

All you need is a big pot or container with holes in the bottom for drainage. Dump a bag of organic vegetable soil or two in, and a bag of organic manure. Mix in some organic veggie garden food while you're at it. You can plant your peas from seed. FYI, they do need a trellis or fence of some sort. The plants have little vines that come out and like to wrap and climb!

OK back to the baby food! Once you've steamed, cooked, softened the food it's once again time for that blender or processor! Pop your veggies in and give it a go at pureeing the daylight out of those veggies. When you get a nice consistency pour the puree through a fine mesh strainer. You'll want to let them cool off or even refrigerate them before serving them up!

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