DIY Cloth Baby Wipes Container

We've all been there. You're hanging with the other Mammas at the weekly Mommy and Me play group. It's snack time and your little cherub decides to smear a bunch of her chopped avocado all over her playmate <i>and</i> herself. Uh oh! You both whip out some wipes for quick clean up. And she whips out this gleamingly gorgeous wipes case that looks like she bought it at the freaking Vera Bradley store or something. 

And you've got yourself that ugly plastic Pampers tote. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But the super duper pretty ones are so easy to make yourself. I want to show you how to make your own DIY Wipes container.

I've seen these baby wipes containers sold for up to $35.00 each. Why spend money on them when you can simply make one yourself. They are so easy peasy to whip up yourself. And they make awesome gifts!

Just go and buy yourself a travel container of baby wipes. You'll need some decorative fabric and trim. I used ribbon for the trim on mine but many of these are made with braided trim which can be found in most craft or sewing stores. To put it all together get yourself a glue gun. These are not too expensive and I'm sure you will find many other uses for it.

DIY cloth baby wipes case
Start by plugging in your glue gun and let it heat up. In the meantime, cut out a couple of rectangles of fabric that are slightly larger than the dimensions of the baby wipes container.

Once the glue gun is hot start beading glue around the outer edge of the baby wipes container. I started with the bottom lid, and placed the glue very close to the edge where it will shut. Be careful not to go too close, although, so that no glue gets in the way of shutting the case once you are done.

make baby wipes container
Press the fabric onto the glue so that the fabric overlaps the edge of the container, but does not fold into it. Do this quickly before the hot glue starts to harden. Keep repeating this in little sections until you have glued one entire edge.

make your own baby wipes
Now move from the edge to the top of the container, starting from one side then moving to the other. Place the glue down in small beads across the container. Pull the fabric tight over it and gently press down. Once the glue has dried repeat this, beading the glue across the opposite side of the container and pulling it tight, gently pressing.
stylish diy baby wipes case
Going back to the edges again, apply glue beading and press fabric to it until you have surrounded the entire lid with fabric.
diy baby wipes container
Next you will need to trim the excess fabric from the edges of the container. It is easiest to use a cutting blade with a razor tip. I used and Xacto knife but you can find many types of these blades at any arts and crafts stores.
Hold the blade close to the edge and begin trimming through the fabric all the way around the container. Be careful not to slip and cut yourself, as well as to cut to deep into the plastic. These knives are extremely sharp. Especially when they are brand new blades.

Go back and repeat all over again for the opposite lid, starting at the edges again.

To add the finishing touches to make your own baby wipes case, you will need to add your decorative trim.
Go back over the edges again with the glue gun, little by little covering with trim and gently pressing down. Be careful not to let the trim stick anywhere that may cause the container not to close properly.
Glue the trim so that it wraps entirely around the container on both the top and lower lids.

I also added a little flower bud ornament to top the whole thing off. This is optional, of course, but I think it's a nice little touch.

These diaper wipe containers make a great baby gift and are also a great way to diaper your baby in style.

diy baby wipes case container

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