Make Your Own Baby Tutu

make a baby tutu

Ever wonder how to make a baby tutu? With my simple tutorial you can turn every day into dress up day, transforming your baby or toddler into a beautiful ballerina or princess!

Seriously, these tutus are so easy to make. And they are fantastically inexpensive to boot. And you can switch it up with different colors, add ribbon, or flower embellishments. You can make them in your down time during nap time, or while your watching your fave shows on TV.

What You'll Need:

how to make a tutu

  • Elastic waistband - you'll need this to form the waist of the tutu. You can purchase rolls of 1/2" width waistband elastic at most sewing or craft supply stores. I like to buy colored elastic head bands. These are the adult kind meant to fit on an adult's head as a headband. I like to use these because they just plain look a little more polished if any of the elastic ends up showing up through the tulle.

  • Tulle - You can buy rolls of tulle in a myriad of colors for only a few dollars per roll. You can make several tutus with one roll!

  • Ribbon - (optional) Ribbons can be incorporated into the style of your baby tutu to give it a splash of color and texture. Or you can simply add a tied bow to the front to create a stylish centerpiece.

  • Flowers And Embellishments - (optional) rosettes, cloth flowers, bows... I like to use little silk rosettes and hand sew them on here and there around the body of the tutu. It gives a baby tutu a really cute classy look. It reminds me of a garden fairy or ballerina.

How To Make A Tutu

make your own baby tutus Creating your own baby tutu really is very easy to do. Once you've made one you'll be creating them by the multiple in no time!

Start by measuring your little one around the middle so you know how big the elastic waist band should be. I just wrapped the elastic around my little girl's waist and tied a knot where it fit snug yet comfortably. I trimmed off the edges so there would be no extra elastic hanging off. If you are using elastic waistband you may want to just cut off the correct length and either tie a knot, or hand stitch the ends together firmly.

If you are making these as a gift, or for a baby that hasn't arrived yet, I would recommend making it 12 inches or so around for a newborn. Add a couple inches for larger sizes. Remember, it is elastic, so it will stretch, and baby will grow into it if it is too big.

First you'll want to figure out how long or short you'd like the tutu to be. Take that measurement and multiply by two. This is how long you will be cutting strips of tulle. You will need to cut many strips to make one tutu. I recommend cutting one to use as a gauge for cutting the rest. Cut a whole bunch at once so you have a pile to work with, and then just cut more as you need them later on.

how to make a tutu

To make the tutu simply tie these strips to the elastic waistband by tying a single knot onto the elastic in the middle of each strip. Do your best to keep the knot exactly in the middle of the strips of tulle. Continue making knots all lined up one next to each other, all the way around the waistband until you reach the opposite side and the entire waistband has been covered with tulle.

You can intertwine bits of ribbon or lace in between tulle to add texture and visual interest. Or simply alternate with different colored tulle.

make your own baby tutu

You could finish it off by tying a bow at the waistband. I tied mine around where I knotted the elastic. I then hand sewed the little rosettes along the body of the tutu keeping them spaced evenly apart. The results were beautiful!

Have you made your own baby tutu with this tutorial? We'd love to hear from you! Share your homemade baby tutu with us and you could be featured here on this page!

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