Breastfeeding Pillow Pattern

These Boppy style nursing pillows are one of the most used go-to's in my baby care arsenal. I used to own a Boppy and somehow lost it long, long ago.

So I created this breastfeeding pillow pattern so I could whip up easy and fast nursing pillows for myself and as gifts. Seriously these are so easy to make! It won't cost you a lot, and they are so useful!

I use them for, well, of course nursing. But I also use the pillow for tummy time, or just a cozy place to let baby hang out (supervised of course!). Once your little one is sitting up it's a great "safety net" to just place around him/her while they are playing. If they happen to have a topple over moment what a soft place to land! And I'll let you in on something - my 5 year old still has his breastfeeding pillow. He loves it! It must remind him of comforting things - he carries it around sometimes and keeps it on his bed as well. :-)

breastfeeding pillow pattern Supplies List:

  • printable breastfeeding pillow pattern
  • a yard and a half of fabric
  • cotton or poly fill
  • coordination thread and sewing machine

    DIY Nursing Pillow

    I like to use cotton or flannel to make these pillows. You can choose to use the pillow as is, or make a few and just wash them on gentle cycle as they get dirty. OR... you could make your own nursing pillow slipcovers! I don't know about the rest of you, but my breastfeeding pillows get filthy. They are quite well used. Haha. So I just make a bunch of slip covers and switch them out when needed.

    About choosing fabric... You only need about a yard and a half for the pillow and a yard and a half for the slip cover. For the pillow itself you can so totally get away with finding a fabric in the clearance section at the cheapest price possible. I like to use two different fabric for my slipcovers. I know - ooh lala! It's just me. I like a nice fuzzy minky fabric on one side for winter. It's so cozy! But you can always go on the cheap with slip cover fabric as well! They are only going to get spit up on them, am I right?

    Sewing Your Nursing Pillow

    Start by printing the breastfeeding pillow pattern. It comes to you as an instant download and is printed on 7 sheets. Trim the pieces and tape them together to create the pattern.

    You will cut 4 pieces to complete the pillow. Lay the pattern on the fold of your fabric and cut two times. The same goes for the long rectangular piece to be sewn between the layers.

    sewing breastfeeding pillow

    Begin by sewing the two long piece together end to end with right sides facing. Using a hot iron fold one end over by about 1/4" and iron in place. Fold one piece of the breastfeeding pillow pattern fabric in half to find the middle. Starting at the inside middle, with right sides together begin pinning the long piece (starting at the folded edge) along the entire edge of the outer pillow piece.

    make breastfeeding pillow

    Sew the inner layer piece and the outer pillow piece together with a 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. When you reach the opposite end fold over any excess and iron in place. Continue to sew in place until you reach the opposite end and back stitch to hold the stitches in place. Sew a seam across the two folded ends holding them strongly in place and double stitching at ends.

    Pin the second outer pillow piece to the middle layer piece, again with right sides together. Begin sewing together with a 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. Sew the entire outer edge leaving a 2-3" opening for turning and stuffing.

    sewing breastfeeding pillow

    Turn the pillow right side out and begin stuffing with fiber fill. You can use the fill of your choice - cotton or poly fill, organic fiber fill, or for the most natural filling possible you can use washed sheeps wool. You can find some on Etsy or Ebay or even a local farm. Be extra careful with washing a pillow with sheep's wool filling, though. Raw sheeps wool will turn to felt with water and agitation so in this case you probably want to make a slip cover.

    Stuff the pillow with as much filling as seems adequate to you. I used one full bag of cotton fill for the pillow shown here. I wouldn't recommend using less but you could make a much firmer pillow by adding more. Finish by stitching the opening shut.

    nursing pillow pattern

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