Baby Nursery Wall Murals

For some baby nursery wall murals are the only way to go when it comes to creative baby nursery painting. Got a central theme for your nursery? Chances are you can think up a great idea for a wall mural!

I want to share with you some of my ideas, some great DIY tips suited for anyone - even the not so artistically talented. Got an idea? Great! Let's get you started!

The DIY Approach

Really, you do not need to be an artist to pull this off. Can you trace? If you can trace then you can definitely pull this off and have your friends and family fully impressed by your handy-work. And psst... no-one needs to know how you did it!

All you need is an idea, a great picture to go with your theme, and an overhead projector.

What you need to paint your own DIY baby nursery wall mural:

  • a picture or graphic
  • an projector
  • paint
  • pencil and eraser
  • an assortment of paint brushes
  • a drop cloth

To get started you will want to apply a fresh coat of paint to your baby's nursery. This is to provide a nice background to start with.

The next most important task is to find a good picture to use to base your baby nursery wall mural on. This can be one single graphic, or even combine a few different pictures. It can even be a complete scene which will cover an entire wall or two.

You could sketch something out on paper to use as your mural...

Not so artistically inclined?

I would recommend doing a internet search or better yet, hitting a local

painting baby nursery mural
Photo by Robert Yang
library to find the perfect picture, illustration, graphic you are looking for. Cruise through the children's books section and just start nosing and thumbing through the books. Use the library's computers to search out books that may be appropriate to your theme. Many of these computer systems will perform a keyword search. If you are doing a jungle theme, for example, just do a search for "jungle" and see what pops up.

Once you've cornered your perfect wall mural picture simply print it out, or take a copy of it. If it's a color picture you may want to take a color copy for reference when adding color to your mural.

giraffe nursery wall paintingThe craft stores generally do sell art projectors at a somewhat reasonable price. Make sure and check the internet for a coupon before you make your purchase.

The idea is simple. Use the projector to project your chosen nursery wall mural image onto the wall. Use a pencil trace the pictures exactly as they look. Once the outlines and whatnot are traced onto the wall you can turn the projector off and proceed paint the mural using the pencil lines as your guides. Use your original picture as a reference for color and shading. You really can pull of some amazing wall art with this technique.

As for painting in your mural, regular acrylic craft paint will work just fine. And it's mostly inexpensive. Just make sure you buy all the colors you'll need, or basic colors and blend the shades yourself.

Having an array of different sized brushes is key. You will want some very fine and thin brushes for areas of detail, and larger ones for shading in large areas. Always buy quality brushes. It is tempting to buy the cheapest brushes available, but these brushes always end up loosing bristles straight into your artwork. Avoid picking these bristles out and ruining your work by simply buying nicer paint brushes.

For The Even More Not-So-Artistically Inclined

Don't wanna do-it-yourself? No problem. These days there are simple easy solutions for getting impressive baby nursery wall murals with no paint required.

Wall stick-ons and mural style wall paper

baby nursery wall murals wallpaper
The above picture was taken by Remy Omar
check out his blog here.
Stick-ons - Stick-ons are large murals or simple graphics and pictures that are made to simply stick on the wall. Just paint your nursery with a simple base coat of paint and apply matching stick-ons to create the theme or effect you are looking for. These stick-ons are available in sticker form or even removable stick-ons that can be used and re-used over and over.

Wall paper murals - That's right. These days there are wallpapers available made to look exactly like a large painted wall mural. These are great! Your friends will never know the difference unless they get close

enough to see the lines of where the wallpapers meet. Paint three walls of your nursery with a matching paint and reserve the last wall for your wallpaper baby nursery wall mural. Brilliant!


OK so some of us may not have the time or energy to take on a project like this. Trust me I understand. You can still have a beautiful baby nursery wall mural without lifting a finger and without it costing you an arm and a leg. My solution; hire a local art student. Many of these students are quite talented right from the start and since they are just starting out they will be happy even to just have this work of art for their portfolio. Post an ad on Craigslist under "gigs". Or even visit your local community colleges and art schools. Post fliers on their bulletin boards. Ask to see samples of their art work ahead of time.

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