DIY Baby Nursery Picture Art Ideas
How To Create Your Own Wall Art On The Cheap

nursery rhyme baby nursery wall decor diy

What's your baby nursery theme? Whatever the theme you dream up for your DIY nursery, pictures art and wall hangings are a must! Framed art prints can run you a pretty penny these days. But I can show you how to create framed art and wall hangings for your nursery that are inexpensive and easy.
I've used this idea not only to create wall decor for the baby nursery, but also to decorate the walls throughout my home. I love art, and I love to have tasteful pieces in as many rooms as I can, but artists paintings really are quite expensive. Not all of us can afford to dish out our hard earned cash just to decorate. But this doesn't have to keep you from enjoying great art in your home.

DIY Framed Art On The Cheap

Let me introduce you to two of my very good friends: the Library and the local Copy Shop.

DIY classic pooh baby nursery wall Your local library is a huge resource when it comes to art. Go spend an hour browsing through some art books. Do you have a nursery rhyme or children's story theme for your baby nursery decor? Search for old books featuring children's stories or nursery rhymes. You know, the kind with the fantastic old vintage illustrations. Or if you are anything like me you probably already have a collection of children's and art books laying around just full of gold to use as baby nursery wall decor! Teehee!

So here's what you do. Take these pictures down to your local copy shop and have them color copied. The color copy machines have capabilities to enlarge your pictures up to as large as an 8 1/2" by 11" and sometimes bigger. They can also adjust the colors and hue. The copies will probably run you about $2.00 or so each but this is a small price to pay compared to actual art prints.

Now to turn those color copies into baby nursery picture decorations. Turn them into baby nursery wall decor! All you need is a picture frame. Maybe you already have a picture frame or two just laying around in your attic or closet. Great! Have your color copies sized perfectly to fit the frame. Otherwise I suggest you go shopping.

diy fairy princess nursery wall art You can find great picture frames for less if you shop in the right places. One place I like to shop for really basic frames is Ikea. You can even get the most basic wooden picture frame for around $1.50. You can stain the wood, or paint the wood to make it match the art print or your nursery colors.

Check your local department stores clearance sections as well as discount stores. Another great way to get cheap and interesting picture frames for your nursery wall art is to shop the thrift shops, bric-a-brac stores, and yard sales. Not to mention flea markets. Shopping for bargains turns creating your DIY baby nursery pictures into an adventure. It's fun and in the end you will have a great baby nursery with a unique quirkiness that no-one else will have. And it will feel good that you created it all.

DIY Wall Art - Wait... What About The Good Old Internet??

If you have a good printer, no need to eave the comfort of your home! Do a internet search for art related to your theme! Here are some of my top picks for finding free or cheap art for your nursery, all on the net.

Grandma's Graphics - A collection of children's book and fairy tale art.

Pinterest! - Oh are you kidding me?? Soooo much vintage and adorable children's art gold! And you let others do all the "finding" for you! Check out this collection of adorable art.

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