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Our readers share their best DIY Nursery Painting Ideas! Looking for a little inspiration? When my readers write and send in their awesome homemade and DIY wall murals and creative painting projects we love to share them here with you! Need a little more direction? Why not check out my tips, tricks, and techniques pages for painting your baby nursery and Send us some pictures and a little how to paint your own nursery wall murals.

If you've got a great wall mural or uniquely painted nursery I'd love to see it! And fellow readers of this website will appreciate the inspiration as well! Send us some pictures and a little about your project and I'll post it where everyone can check it out!

Striped Pattern Mural For A Girl's Room

by Sarah J (Lenexa, KS)

striped diy nursery

Aubrey's striped bedroom wall

My daughter is turning 2 on Valentines Day so to celebrate I painted her room to resemble the new "big girl" bedding she is getting. I already had a white chair rail and wainscoting from when I originally painted her nursery. I really like how it looks so I decided to leave it. It also helps to break up all the pink. I painted three of the walls pink and the fourth wall is the accent wall where I taped off various thicknesses of stripes. I left a 17" tall white stripe through the center of the wall stretching the entire length to frame in pictures I took of objects resembling the letters of her name. I didn't want the pictures to get lost in the stripes.

Peaceful Pond meets Princess and the Frog

by Nicole (PA)

princess frog pond nursery

princess frog pond nursery

We weren't sure what gender our first born was going to be, so I wanted something gender neutral and soothing. My husband and I love spending time out at the lake near our house, so this became the theme. Once my daughter was born, I added some girly features. The one thing that I cant get a picture of is the constellations painted on the ceiling in glow in the dark paint.

Ezra's Nursery

by Heather (SLC, Utah, USA)

green diy nursery painting

green white diy nursery

I got inspiration for Ezra's room from a picture that was featured on Apartment Therapy: Nursery. I knew I wanted a bright lime green in the room, but I didn't want it to be overwhelming. So, we painted a thick green stripe around the room and a square on one wall over the stripe where we hung pictures. All of the furniture, except the crib, was given to us. In fact, my mom used the dresser and changing table with me. We painted the dresser white and refinished the wood on the changing table and rocking chair. My sister is very crafty. She made the block letter's over Ezra's crib.

Giant Giraffe Baby Nursery Wall Painting

by Michelle (Ontario, Canada)

giraffe nursery painting

I had sewn a quilt with these little jungle animals on it, so I just drew free-hand a similar one onto the nursery wall. I also created a big monkey on the other wall. I just used my acrylic craft paints to fill in my sketch. My daughter LOVES them!

P is for Pony!

by Jessica (Castro Valley, CA)

pony diy nursery painting

My daughter takes horse riding lessons at her school and she Loves ponies so when it was time to give her nursery to baby sister I knew her big girl room had to be with a pony theme! After trying several greens I finally found the right ones!

I first drew with a light pencil the way I wanted my hills to be. I like things symmetrical so I started with the two outer hills and measured up the same height on both sides. Then drew in the center hill. I painted the sky first trying to stay right along the lines of the hills drawn on the wall. I used a very small brush for this and a larger roller for other areas. I waited until the sky was completely dry to start on the green hills, otherwise the two colors might bleed together. Once I finished the hills I had my husband make a fence out of wood we had painted white. It's very easy to do with the right tools. I found a few Pony cut outs at Michael's craft store & I painted them, put a dot of hot glue on the back and stuck them on! It was very easy just time consuming. My daughter LOVES her big girl room now!

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