DIY Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas, Sewing Patterns, and More

Looking for some DIY baby nursery decorating ideas? You can decorate your entire nursery on the cheap without sacrificing style! You'll save money and create a unique and homemade haven for you baby.

The nursery is always an exciting project to undertake while awaiting your wee one's arrival! All that homemaking and nesting will go to good use! And it also gives you a chance to let out your inner Martha Stewart.

Ever since I first found out I was pregnant with my first daughter I turned my creativity towards baby stuff. Luckily I am chock full of ideas. I have ideas for nursery decorating for everything from wall decorations, to refurbishing furniture to create new unique items and uses, to making curtains, wall hangings, and throw rugs.

And now I'd like to share all of my DIY sewing patterns, ideas, and tutorials with you! And I invite you to share with me and my readers, all of your ideas and homemade items.

diy baby nursery decor Want to learn to make your own baby nursery decor? How about:

  • Handmade wall decorations

  • Ideas for creating wall art

  • How to make baby curtains

  • Sew pillows, blankets, and bedding

  • Refurbish old furniture to create unique baby room furniture

Check back often to follow along and find new DIY nursery decor and baby nursery decoration ideas!

DIY Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

DIY Wall Art

diy pooh nursery art
Create your own DIY baby nursery decor wall art. Use copies of art prints, or pictures from your old children's and nursery rhyme books. Here's how to do it on a dime!

diy baby nursery art

Use paper piecing projects to make unique and ready to frame baby nursery wall art.

diy baby nursery wall letters

Make Your own nursery letters or hanging wall letters.

baby food jar night light

Create DIY baby food jar nursery night lights.

printable nursery mobiles

Create easy nursery decorations with my printable baby mobiles.

Painting the Baby Nursery

diy baby nursery Creative baby nursery painting ideas

Ideas for creating nursery wall murals

Visitor created baby nursery wall paintings and murals

Baby Nursery Furniture

diy baby nursery One of the biggest money savers of all when it comes to DIY nursery decorating is refurbishing furniture for your baby's bedroom. Refurbishing furniture does take a bit of work but the outcome is very pleasing. Shop for used furniture in places like the Salvation army, or thrift and consignment stores. Check local listings for used furniture stores. You may even come across some great finds at antique stores, although you might have to pay a bit more for it. Check Craigslist and Freecycle to find inexpensive or even free items. Happy hunting!

Vintage/Used Baby Furniture Makeover - Before and after Baby Bassinet.

DIY Nursery Patterns

diy crib mobile

Make your own crib mobile with my DIY baby mobile ideas and free pattern to sew your own teddy bear mobile.

Making Your Own Baby Curtains

There are many, many ways to make your own baby nursery curtains. Once you have the basics down all you need to do is get your imagination going. Mix different patterns, and textures to create stylish and unique curtains.

A simple and basic tutorial for sewing curtains

* Use up some of your fabric scraps and make patchwork baby curtains

Fun Projects and Tutorials

Infant Caps

Printable Mobiles

Shoe Patterns

Dyed Onesies