DIY Baby Hair Clips

diy baby hair clipsThis baby hair clips projects is so easy to do. Anyone can make these! All you need is a few common craft items like some fabric remnants, some beads or left over buttons, and a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns are quite inexpensive and you will find so many other uses for it!

I really like to make these super simple with old buttons or beads and use up little bits and pieces of my fabric stash left-overs. Got a bunch of snippets left over from that cut baby dress you made last weekend? Great! Make some of these stylish baby hair clips to go with it!

And you don't have to stop at buttons! You could use pom-poms, little fabric flowers, crochet flowers, homemade clay charms... Get creative! You could make some pretty awesome baby hair accessories this way!

Materials needed to make baby hair clips:

  • plain metal or plastic hair clips
  • fabric (remnants or from old clothing or tea towels)
  • buttons, bow, beads, for embellishment
  • glue gun
  • scissors

OK, seriously. These are so easy to make! And they are addictive. You'll be making them for your little one and then for you and your friends and then some.

First you need some plain old hair clips. You can get packages of these metal hair clips at most any department store or drug store and they are really inexpensive. They come in different sizes from teeny tiny to small and bigger sizes for adults as well. I make these for my daughter but there are definitely days I would consider wearing them myself!

diy baby hair clips Start by cutting small strips of fabric just big enough to cover the top of your hair clips. Heat up your glue gun.

Once the glue is hot squirt a bit onto the fat end of the hair clip. Make sure there is enough to cover the entire top and spread out thinly. Press your fabric down over the top and hold for a second.

You will want to work quickly as hot glue cools and hardens quickly. Spread a little more hot glue down either ends of the rest of the hair clips. Smooth the fabric over the glue and hold in place to adhere. Once the glue is cool use some sharp scissors to trim the fabric right up close to the edges of the hair clip.

To finish add a small dot of glue to the top of the clip. Attach a cute button, some beads, or even a little flower or bow. Viola!

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