DIY Baby Hair Accessories Project
From Plain Baby Head Band To Fab Stylish Hair Accessory In Minutes

diy baby hair accessories DIY Baby Hair accessories! Create this Fab head band from a plain old hair band with just a little bit of fabric scraps and a moment of your time!

Who doesn't love a big old heap of baby hair clips and bows and hair bands to dress that little munchkin up cute and proper? There's nothing cuter than a adorable baby girl with a giant bow propped up on her piggy tails! But those hair accessories can add up quickly and cost quite a lot. Why not make your own?

All you need to make these awesome DIY hair bands is some fabric scraps in interesting colors and patterns, a plain hair band (you can usually get these in packages with multiples for not too much money), and a glue gun or fabric glue. And the best part is they don't take very long to make!

baby head bands DIY Hair Band Supplies:

  • Plain nylon covered baby head bands
  • fabric scraps or fat quarters
  • Glue gun or "No Sew" fabric glue
  • (optional) ribbon or rick rack

OK so you've got your plain baby head band and you're ready to get started. I like to use the head bands that are already covered in plain, solid colored nylon fabric. It's just easier to make the fabrics stick together, especially if you're using fabric glue in lieu of a hot glue gun. But pretty much any plain head band will work.

This is a perfect project for hitting up your fabric stash for left over bits from other projects. Especially if the other projects is a cute piece of homemade baby clothing. You can make this head band to match the outfit! Yay! Or just purchase a few fat quarters in interesting fabrics just for this project.

diy baby head band Start by measuring the head band with a sewing tape. You will want to cut your fabric about 3/4 of an inch longer then the length of the head band. Also measure the width of the band and cut the fabric to be about twice the width or a little more. Sometimes it is easier to cut it a little wider than you need. You can always go back and trim it later so too much is better than not enough.

diy baby hair head band Cut the fabric to the correct size using the measurement you took above. Apply some glue over the top of the head band starting on one end, and start attaching the fabric with about 1/2" overlapping off of the end. Smooth the fabric in place and continue working in sections adding glue and smoothing the fabric in place. If you are using a glue gun you'll need to work fast and in small sections before the glue cools and hardens.

Next turn the band over so that you are looking at the underside. Apply a band of glue from one side to about 3/4's to the opposite side of the width of the band. Starting at the bottom of one side of the head band, smooth the fabric into place so it is attaching to the underside of the band.

Place a bead of glue into the fold of fabric at the very end of the head band. Place another bead or two on the actual band and fold the end up to attach it to the end of the band. diy baby hair band Now would be the time to evaluate if you have any trimming to do - if there is too much fabric hanging of of the already attached side of fabric, or if the opposite side will have too much when folded over.

Apply some glue to the underside of the band once again, working in sections and smoothing the fabric into place. Keep glueing the fabric in place until you reach just about the middle point. Start again from the opposite end working back towards the middle of the hair band until all of the fabric is glued in place. Let it dry!

Optional step: If you want a completely finished looking DIY baby hair band you could go one step further and cover the seam on the underside of the band using ribbon trim or rick rack. You can go even further and glue on a bow or flower or add some beading!

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