Sew Your Own Baby Gown

Make a Baby Gown Using Your Favorite Fabric
or Even Some old Vintage T-Shirts!

make a baby gown from t-shirts Getting sick of the same old pastel pink, green, and blue baby clothes? This idea is great for breaking away from the same old same old colors. Let alone that the infant gown is awesome and snuggly for hanging around the house with your baby. My lil' boy practically lives in these!

You can use this pattern to make baby clothes out of your favorite fabric or even make them from old T-shirts. Got a pile of old T-shirts to hand over to the good will? Here's a reason to keep em' and re-use em'. You could even go shopping at the Salvation Army and buy some cool old vintage shirts for practically nothing to make a gown or two out of.

This really cool idea and baby clothes pattern comes from Carrie over at the This Mama Makes Stuff blog. She's provided us with a great baby gown pattern and tutorial.

I'd love to see how you are all using this idea! After you sew your infant gowns make sure and take a picture or two and submit it to our Visitor's Gallery

make baby gowns

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