Baby Food Jar Crafts:
DIY Nursery Night Lights

Use this easy baby food jar crafts to make the cutest little baby night lights to match any nursery theme and/or color. These are so quick and easy to make! I've used battery operated LED tea lights to illuminate these little lamps. The lamp shade is made from a paper cup. How simple is that?! You can decorate the lamp shade with scrapbook or decorative paper or even fabric.

DIY Baby Food Jar Nursery Night Lights

Supplies List:

  • 6 oz. baby jar
  • LED tea lights
  • 8 oz. paper cups
  • decorative paper or fabric
  • ribbon or trim
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue

Start by removing the label from the baby food jar. There's always a bit of glue stuck on that you will need to scrub or scrape off. I rubbed most of it off with a utility knife (be careful) and then used regular old dish soap to scrub the rest off

Next get out a couple of 8 oz. paper cups. One will be used as a template and the other will become the lamp shade for the night lights.

To make the template use a craft knife to remove the bottom of the cup. Next use your craft knife or a pair of scissors to cut a straight line up the side of the cup. I also go one step further and trim the lip off of the top part of the cup. Don't cut it too short or your template will be too small.

DIY Nursery Night Lights

Fold the cup out flat over the decorative paper or fabric you intend to cover the "lamp shade" with. Using either a pencil or some sewing chalk trace the outline of the cup onto the paper or fabric. At either end you will want to extend the pattern just about a 1/4" for overlapping to glue. Cut out the paper (or fabric).

baby food jar crafts

Apply a bit of glue to the back of the paper or fabric to attach it to the makeshift lamp shade. I like to use a permanent adhesive glue runner to apply a few vertical lines of glue at intervals across the paper. You can use ordinary tacky glue or even a hot glue gun.

baby food jar crafts

Attach the paper to the cup holding it flush with the bottom of the cup (top of baby night lights lamp shade)and wrapping it around. Press firmly to hold it in place. Finish up by adding a bit of glue to the end flap and press this down to seal it.

Apply a small bit of glue or adhesive to the lip of the mouth of the cup. Make sure the glue extends all the way around to meet at the other side. Press some ribbon, or rick rack trim into the glue and wind it around the entire mouth of the cup until it meets on the opposite side. Trim the ribbon about an 1/8" over from the opposite end. Apply a small bit of glue and press it gently to attach it.

diy baby nursery night lights

Wind a pipe cleaner around the outside top lip of the jar. Twist the end to secure the pipe cleaner in place. Bring the opposite end of the pipe cleaner up and over so that it is pointing straight up from the jar. Twist the top part of the pipe cleaner into a sort of halo and secure it in place the same way. The point is to create something for the cup to sit on so it is a little more firmly in place and not just floating on top. Of course - you could very easily just pop the cup on top and omit this step. But I think it makes the finished craft much nicer and functional.

Drop your LED tea light into the jar and place the DIY lamp shade in place. Viola! Simple and super cute DIY nursery night lights!

diy baby nursery night lights

The lights I used for this baby food jar crafts tutorial are quite inexpensive and can be found at most crafts stores or even the craft aisle in stores like Wal-mart. They are battery operated and even have a small light switch on the bottom. They can be used over and over again! The light they give off is supposed to mimic that of a flame of an actual tea light. Perfect lighting for baby night lights. They also make super cute diy nursery decor!

diy nursery night light

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