Make Your Own Baby Curtains
Unique Patchwork Nursery Curtains

Looking for a unique yet easy to make idea for DIY Baby curtains? I've put together this tutorial based off of the basic DIY nursery/ baby curtain for a project that is both simple and stylish. Create these curtains with coordinating fabrics and colors to match your baby nursery theme.

These baby curtains are really easy to make and just a bitty step above in style from making a super basic and easy baby curtain as I showcase in my basic curtain sewing tutorial. It's the same basic techniques with a little patchwork embellishment thrown in. I love this because I was able to use a bunch of extra scrap materials I had laying around from other nursery sewing projects I had already completed. Which is perfect since all of the fabrics matched my nursery perfectly. A totally coordinated set of DIY baby things!

make baby curtains I used the scraps left over from 3 different fabrics to make these baby curtains. You can certainly use more or less, or even just keep it one fabric altogether if you like (skip the patchwork part - it will still look really cute!). That's the beauty of making your own curtains - it's super easy to just wing it!

Choose a solid colored fabric for the base part of the curtain. The patterned patchwork fabric will be used to create a kind of faux valance where as the solid colored fabric will be used as the actual window covering.

What you'll need:

  • fabric scraps in 3-4 different patterns
  • 1 -2 yards solid colored fabric
  • matching thread

Begin your project by following the steps outlined in the basic curtain sewing tutorial (link provided above). You will just be creating the base part of the curtain (the solid covered back part of window covering) with the top edge left unsewn.

To create the patchwork cafe-esque curtain piece: To start you will need to create the top (patchwork) section of the curtain in the same width measurement as the base curtain. Make sure to add in seam allowances just like with the base curtain, but also account for seam allowance on the actual panels. To make things even simply divide the measurement by however many patchwork panels you'd like to create.

So, say you have three different fabrics your want to use for your top panel and your curtain fabric is 70 inches wide. I like to keep things easy by making my patchwork panels 11 inches wide (10 inches each plus a half inch seam allowance: 10 inches plus 1). So each panel actually counts for 10 inches. Since the curtain will be 70 inches wide I will make 7 panels in different colored/patterned fabric. The length is entirely up to you. Make it as long as you want to! But do be sure to account for seam allowance at the bottom and also a few inches at the top for the sleeve section to slip the curtain rod through.

Now on to sew all of the patches together! Hold two fabric pieces together so their right sides are facing each other (top of the fabric is facing in). You can pin them in place if you like. Sew the edges together at the outer (long) edge using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Open up the fabric with right side facing up and place another fabric piece right sides together at the outer edge. Sew this patch to the end. Essentially you are creating a long banner by adding another patch to the end and another, and another. Basically, just keep repeating this by sewing another patch to the end until you have a long chain of sewn together patches.

Once all of the fabric pieces are sewn together iron everything flat. Flip the fabric over so the right side is facing down and iron the bottom edge under by about 1/2". Make sure you are ironing it to face towards the back of the fabric. Fold the fabric over again, iron and pin in place. Sew along the edge to hold the hem neatly in place. Repeat this same step for both the left and right edges of the fabric.

Fold the top edge of the patchwork fabric down about a 1/2" and iron in place. Next fold the top edge over about 2 - 2 1/2". Iron the edge to hold it down in place.

Now the tricky part - You are going place the window covering (solid) fabric on top of the valance so that it is sandwiched in between the top fold of fabric(the 2-2 1/2" piece).

Open the 2" fold that you just created. Lay the upper edge of the other fabric straight onto the patchwork valance aligning it about 1" from the fold. Fold the valance fabric down over the solid fabric and pin it in place at about intervals to hold the fabric straight.

Sew these fabrics together across the bottom edge of the fold (across the patchwork panel). You will be sewing the fabrics together as well as creating a tunnel for the curtain rod to fit, all at the same time. Just a reminder - before sewing them together double check that both fabrics are facing in the right direction.

Now all that is left to do is insert the curtain rod into the fabric and hang your baby curtains in the nursery!

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