Baby Clothes Patterns

free baby clothes pattern

Make your own baby clothes with my line of printable baby clothes patterns!

If you can find the time, sewing baby clothing can be an incredibly rewarding hobby! Sewing relieves stress, and you will create a perfectly customized and one-of-a-kind wardrobe for your little one. Who knows? You may even be able to make some extra money sewing adorable handmade clothes for others.

Sewing Baby Clothes

Are you a newbie when it comes to sewing? You will want to start by obtaining a simple sewing machine and learning the basics.

The best thing about sewing baby clothing is the options are practically limitless. There are so many clothing styles, and fabrics to choose from. There are many simple and easy projects to choose from as well. Even a beginner can start creating baby stuff right away. What I like best is that you get fast results. Unlike knitting or crocheting you can finish a simple project in under an hour, or even less for a more experienced seamstress.

baby leggings pattern

Sew your own baby leggings with this free printable and super easy to use pattern.

peasant top pattern

Make a cute baby peasant top
Free baby clothes patterns to make your own peasant tops. It's super simple to make and will look so sweet on any baby girl!

baby kimono onesie pattern What better than a classic baby wardrobe staple like this free baby clothes pattern for a kimono onesie? You can never get enough onesies! In summer they make a perfect go to item and in the cooler months they are great paired with pants and sweaters!

baby kimono pattern

Make your own kimono tops or reversible kimono jackets with this printable baby kimono pattern.

baby pants pattern Make your own baby pants These pants are very simple and easy to make and can become a staple in your baby's wardrobe. Make a pair in every color! Or even add a bit of style by adding your own pockets, draw stings, or embellishments. Punch it up a bit and make them in bright bold patterns. I've even provided a printable sewing pattern.

baby pinafore pattern

Make your own baby pinafores - make a reversible pinafore. These are very simple to make and a versatile wardrobe item. Make stylish and inexpensive baby pinafores!

upcycled baby jeans

Wanna save a TON of money when you make baby's clothing? Make your own baby jeans and more by using your old and unwanted clothes as fabric for sewing.

baby pillowcase dress

Here is about the easiest summer dress or top you could ever make! Try my simple baby pillowcase dress tutorial for a fun and easy (not to mention comfy) summer frock.

Make your own baby gown using some of your old vintage T-shirts.

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