Baby Burp Cloth Pattern

burp cloth patternThis baby burp cloth pattern is by far one of my favorite patterns I've created for Make Your Own Baby Stuff. It's the simple things, ya know? The thing is, these homemade burp cloths are soooo useful. They last forever and I end up using them for so many things aside from just the baby burp thang. And they make fantastic gifts to boot. I like to put together packs of homemade burp cloths and cute cloth bibs as gifts to new mommas.

Making these burp cloths is a fairly quick and easy project. I like to make them with terry cloth on one side for added leak protection and a flannel or colorful cotton print on the other. The terry cloth serves as a great way to wipe up any kind of mess the baby might dish out. It's so convenient since I tend to walk around with one on my shoulder practically 24/7 anyways. They get used for so many other household messes than just what baby throws my way.

I first created this burp cloth pattern on newspaper, and later traced the pattern onto separate paper and transferred it to the computer for you all to use. The pattern is now available as an instant download PDF file. Simply print the file, tape the pieces together and start your sewing project.

To make this baby burp cloth you will need two fabric pieces. This is a perfect fat quarter project! I like to use terry cloth for one side (old towels??) and a printed cotton or flannel fabric for the other. handmade baby burp cloth

I always recommend washing and ironing your fabric before you begin. Lay your two fabrics down on your work surface with right sides facing. Fold the fabric in half. Cut the pattern out from the fabric lining the left edge of the pattern up with the fold.

Pin down the pattern to the fabric (or use pattern weights) and cut the burp cloth pattern form the fabric. Cut through both pieces of fabric out using the pattern as your cutting guideline.

making baby burp cloth
Before sewing, make sure your fabrics are facing right side in. Pin them in place.

Sew both burp cloth pieces together about with about a 1/4" seam allowance. Sew all the way around the outside of the burp cloth leaving an opening about 1-2" wide. Turn the fabric inside out (actually outside in) and stitch the opening shut. You may want to go over the edges with a hot iron to smooth the seams out.

baby burp cloth pattern

Now to finish it up. Go back to your sewing machine and stitch another seam about a 1/4" from the edge all along the outer edge. You can use a straight stitch or even a zig zag or other decorative stitch. I like to use a contrasting colored thread to add a little decorative detail. baby burp cloths

Another great way to finish these baby burp cloths is to simply sew on some bias tape to the outer edges. This will give it a nice pop of color and a clean finished look. You could even make your own bias tape in a coordinating color or pattern.

I do hope you enjoy using this baby burp cloth pattern and tutorial. This project really is super fast and easy. Have fun creating heaps and heaps of burp cloths!

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