Make Baby Bunny Costume Ears

The ears make the costume! These baby bunny costume ears are so easy to make. You're little one will love them!

Pair these bunny ears with a white sleeper and a little face paint and you've got yourself the cutest baby bunny on the block. Quick and easy DIY Halloween costume!

But how about dress up time? Around our house dress up is a big deal! Serious business. My kiddos are on a constant mission to dress to impress. That can be everything from donning their favorite princess or dinosaur costumes, to picking out a perfectly mismatched outfit for the day. These bunny costume ears can go with just about any outfit! Pair them with a tutu and you got princess bunny ballerina.

What you'll need:
homemade baby bunny costume ears

  • baby/toddler headband
  • felt or fleece
  • wire, pipe cleaners, or florist wire
  • craft feather boa trim
  • ribbon
  • glue gun or quick dry adhesive

Start by measuring the length of your headband. You can buy headbands for very small children for fairly cheap in any drug store or department store like Wal-mart or Target. There is always a section for baby and children's hair accessories. That's the place to look!

You'll begin by covering the entire headband in felt or fleece. Cut the felt into a long strip that is a little longer and wider then the headband.

Let your glue gun heat up. Attach the felt by applying a dab of glue to the end of the headband (starting at either end) and attach the fabric to the headband. I like to start at one end and then work over the top to the opposite side, adding a thin line of glue down the entire band. I then go back and smooth the felt onto the band as I work.

Repeat these steps but moving onto the underside of band. You will be folding the sides over so you will want to work this way one time down one side folding the fabric over as you go, and then back up the opposite side.

To finish this step dab a bit of glue on the end of the headband and then fold the end flap of fabric over onto the glue. This will seal the ends in place. Do the same for the opposite end. The entire headband should be wrapped and covered in felt. On the underside of the headband the felt will meet or overlap in the middle. For a finished look you can cover this seam with some ribbon or trim.

make bunny costume ears Now to add the ears! The ears will be created using wire or pipe cleaners. Cut some wire (or get out your pipe cleaners) and fold two equal lengths in half. The length is entirely up to you depending on how big or small you want the ears to be. At the ends of each piece of folded wire you will want to make a very small bend/fold about a quarter to half inch long. I used some needle nose pliers to make my bends.

Use a cutting knife or craft knife to make a very small slit into the top of the fabric. The best way to determine the best ear placement is to measure to figure out where the middle top of the headband is located. Measure about one to one and a half inches to either side of this middle point. Make a small slice in the fabric (about a 1/4" long or so) where you will place each ear.

Slide the folded edge of the pipe cleaner or wire into the slit where you cut into the headband fabric. Apply a dab of glue to the opening to keep the wire "ear" in place. Repeat this step for the other bunny ear on the opposite side.

Next you will be covering the entire piece in feather trim to finish these adorable bunny costume ears. Add some hot glue along the wire or pipe cleaner to attach the feather trim. You can rap the trim around or simply lie it flat against the wire. Do this for both sides.

To finish these bunny ears add some glue to the top of the headband and glue the fuzzy feather trim along the top as well.

diy baby bunny costume

As soon as I put these ears on my daughter she decided that they were not to come off. :)
This is the face she made when I reached to take them off of her. She gave a little yelp and grabbed for them so I left them on. She re-adjusted them and gave me a look like "what are you crazy!? Hands off!" LOL I just had to let her wear them while she watched her movie (She LOVES to watch Monsters Inc over and over and over and over :)

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