Make Your Own Bibs
Free Printable Baby Bib Pattern

Use this simple, printable baby bib pattern to whip up some awesome and useful homemade baby items. Make your own bibs out of old towels or t-shirts, sweat shirts, or even dish towels! I like to buy french terry fabric and a bunch of fat quarters with some fantastic prints and make these baby bibs as gifts along with some homemade burp cloths. The momma to be will appreciate gifts like these very much!

Those of us who are "Been There, Done That" Moms know that at some point a bib becomes a staple to your baby's wardrobe. Not just for feeding time, but when baby is teething and drooling buckets all day long. Or maybe you just have a baby that tends to spit up ALOT, where a super cute bib can come in handy.

I want to show you how you can make a baby bib easily; make em' stylish, and functional. I have even created a free printable baby bib pattern for you to work with. This bib pattern is designed to print onto 8 1/2" by 11" paper. The pattern itself is bigger than the sheet of paper, so you will need to print it out, trim it, and tape it together.

free baby bib pattern
Once you have printed out your pattern, start by pinning the pattern to the fabric you intend to work with. You will need two different types of fabric for this project. One fabric should be absorbent and durable. My absolute fave is french terry. Like the kind that is intended for making towels and wash cloths and things. The great thing about using terry cloth is that after baby has finished their meal, you can wet the terry cloth side of the bib and use it just like a wash cloth to clean her up.

The other fabric you choose to make this bib with can be decorative. It can really be any kind of fabric you want, although I recommend using something less thick than the terry cloth. I used some simple cotton fabric with a nice bright pattern.

make a baby bib
Layer both of your fabric choices with right sides facing inward and pin the pattern to the fabric. Use the pattern as a guideline and cut through both pieces of fabric to trim out the pattern pieces.

make your own baby bib

how to make a baby bib
sewing a baby bib Sew the baby bib pieces together with a 1/4"-1/2" seam allowance stopping to leave about 2" open for turning the fabric. Turn the fabric and press out the corners. Stitch the opening shut.

Run a hot clothes iron over the bib to press out the seams. I usually like to go back and stitch an extra seam about 1/4" from the edge. It gives a beautiful finished look, especially if you use a contrasting colored thread.

Lastly you'll need to sew on some sort of closure. I like to use little metal snaps but you could also use sew-able velcro.

homemade handmade baby bib

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