Make Your Own Amber Teething Necklace

Did you know that raw Baltic amber has natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties?

make amber teething necklaceIt is said that teething babies who wear amber teething necklaces and jewelry close to the skin are much calmer and in much less pain than those soothed with the traditional teething rings or topical anesthetic. It's the succinic acid contained within the raw gem. When the amber becomes warm from contact with your skin it releases succinic acid (a natural pain reliever) which is then absorbed by the body.

Amber is not only good for the pain and soreness of gums by a teething baby, but also said to relieve other pains such as migraines and bodily pains and soreness. Why not make a matching set of amber necklaces for mom and baby?

These necklaces are not meant to actually go in the mouth - but worn very short and close to the skin. Baby can wear the necklace all day long during teething as a natural soother, and then wear around the foot at night covered with a sock for safety.

How To Make A Amber Teething Necklace

These necklaces are not all that hard to make! And they don't need to be perfect to be effective.

The biggest concerns are safety - making a teething necklace that does not become a choking hazard. So some big factors in your design will be choosing good twine or beading string and creating at a length that is loose enough to fit comfortably yet not so big that baby can reach and bring the necklace over her chin and into the mouth.

Another way to ensure the beads to not become a choking hazard by creating the necklace with a series of knots. If each bead is knotted individually, if the necklace happens to break the beads will not break loose from the string.

OK, Let's get started! Supplies List:

  • Baltic amber beads
  • beading string or twine
  • clasp
  • (optional) hazlewood or quartz beads (also medicinal)
  • (optional) beading needle

Start by shopping for supplies! Make sure your beads are a size that will be comfortable to wear. Check the bead size. Anything smaller than 6 or 8 mm should fit quite comfortably. Here is where I got all of my amber teething necklace supplies...

Also keep in mind the size of the beading hole. You'll want to make sure that the twine or string you select will be small enough to thread the beads onto. My favorite stringing material is silk beading thread. I double up the threads for knotting. It's quite strong and beautiful too.

making amber teething necklace

You can choose to alternate different colored Baltic amber, or even add quartz beads or hazlewood which both also have natural pain relieving and healing properties.

Begin by cutting a long piece of beading thread or string. To determine sizing I recommend measuring your baby's neck, but a good general size is around 13". Cut your string several inches longer than you intend to make the necklace. When the necklace is at the length you've chosen you can simply trim the string off the end.

Just a tip - Some like to dip the end of the string in wax to make it easier to thread onto the beads. I have even used ordinary white glue and let it dry - just to lend a stiff piece if string at the end. But my favorite is to simple thread the string onto a super skinny embroidery sewing needle and use it to string the beads.

Make a knot at the end of the string. You may even want to double knot the thread for safety. Trim just a tad bit past the knot, but not so close that it threatens to undo the knot.

amber teething necklace tutorial

If your using a safety clasp there will be a screw in filament holding the pieces together. Unscrew the filament. Thread the string through the end of the safety clasp and screw the filament back into the cap.

homemade amber teething necklace
homemade amber teething necklace

Make another knot on the opposite side of the cap. Now begin stringing beads!

You can alternate with a bead then a knot all the way throughout the necklace. Or patter of a couple or a few beads then a knot. Or just go for it and string those suckers on all the way through the necklace until you've reached the desired length.

When your necklace is just about the length that would be best for your baby make a knot and then thread the string through the opposite bead cap. Make a knot behind the cap to fit inside and keep the cap in place.

make your own amber teething necklace

make your own amber teething necklace

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